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What is Called Good

That a thing is valuable or good in itself, or for common man, doesn't imply that the one that carries such jewels to market will be hailed by all and sundry - to the contrary at times. there are lots of interesting, psychological reasons for it.

  • One could be that of symbiosis or half-symbiosis, where victims of robbers and bullies end up kissing the hands that lick them.
  • Another could be that of outright narcissism that is funnelled into cancerous godliness, for that matter.
  • A third could be morbid deals gone too far.
  • Besides, what is good for some may not be good for all. That complicates matters.
  • A truly good deal should not violate holistic health for anyone involved.

These things (items) can be too hard to ascertain over and over. Yet, what is thought to be good for a guru's serf is hardly good for all others.

Times differ, climates differ, conditions, encounters and the general layout of living on this over-populated planet.

These matters laid aside, when you come across statements that obviously or much likely say that something is good, it should suggest the following - and here is a table:

A Thing Is Good If . . .

Root Contents

On the quest for excellence, it generally pays to stay fit and tidy. Apart for that, here is what we say, more or less, within this line of didactics, which forms a delicate string of "beads" from the inner nose and onward to its tip (the "bead of Tao excellence" is right there), and onward up the nose ridge - bead after bead in a long "string". The world outside the nose is called yin, and is typically black in a Tao model [Link].

Tao accession stages: "beads" on a "string".
Taken together, these special items can form a serviceable net that allows free-flowing understanding better - one that is not topped by making big, alarming blunders over and over and preferably not outside appropriate good customs that pertain where it helps to be well versed and preferably candid in one's own right.

Apart from that, the context often decides, at least to some degree.

Now, a thing, phenomenon or cluster of those items is said to be good if:

Lo Dedicated to basic usefulness and not rueful in itself

  • Basically handy marked by usefulness.
  • Advancing some stouter-looking or more complete or whole-hearted fare - even advancing individual attainments.
  • Not promiscuous in gross outline.
  • Sound and well enough guarded
  • Culinary as to the mainframe, sort of - not dreadful at all.
  • Dedicated to a decent fare.
  • Preferably fair - not biased - or incredibly useful.
  • Well enough nuanced and tidy to look at. ◊
  • Not too blunt - preferably cosy or at hand.
  • Signifies with accuracy and well nuanced for most part.
  • Concrete without getting biased - often taken as practical for us
  • Often having to do with stringed accuracy to avoid confusion.
  • Useful and preferably pretty to look at too.

Lo Relevant and often concrete, preferably tidy as well

  • Culinary can stand on top of even aristocratic-looking sturdiness
  • Suave (bland) - perhaps well aspected too. ◊
  • Serviceable in the long run - rustic-looking, too.
  • Decent modesty requires it many times.

Lo Yielding or bulwarking some healthful fare or similar measures (strides)

  • Not heart-breaking, and hardly scarring innocent bystanders.
  • Good and healthy - and fit for most part - and clean in one way or other.
  • Is hand to look at, or as handy as can be - decent all over is preferred.
  • Often quite central.
  • Giving healthful fare(s) time enough to grow tall.
  • Can be stark, sometimes like great, novel art - it depends.
  • Giving an able hand, or leading up to that.

- not without inner consistency could also fit.


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