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ATU numbers are used to classify types of folktales in the international folktales catalogue. The many types of tales are described there too, along with other information. [More]. (See Uther 2004 below).

Below, all the best known Grimm tales are given type numbers, that is, one or more ATU-numbers, for studying them better. Where the ATU type-title is as in the title of a translated, common Grimm tale, the title is left out after the ATU number. Besides, apart from all the tales in the final Grimm edition, data for two more tales is supplied on one of these pages: "Puss in Boots" from the Grimms' first edition, and the legend "The Children of Hameln" (See Grimm, 1981). - Tormod Kinnes

How Six Men Got On in the World

ATU 513A

[The Tale]

The Goose-Girl

ATU 533, Love Like Salt.

[The Tale]

The Wolf and the Man

ATU 157, Learning to Fear Man.


The Wolf and the Fox

ATU 41, Overeating in the Pantry.


Clever Grethel

ATU 1741, The Guest Flees to Save His Ears.

[The Tale]

The Fox and the Cat

ATU 105, The Cat's Only Trick.

[The Tale]

The Water-Nix

ATU 313A, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee.


The Death of the Little Hen

ATU 2021. Includes an episode of type 2021A The Cock Seeks Help for the Choking Hen.

[The Tale]

Hans in Luck (Gambling Hans)

ATU 330A


Hans Gets Married

ATU 1415, The Penniless Wooer: Money in Hand, and 859A, The Penniless Wooer: Patch of Land.



ATU 361

[The Tale]

The Poor Boy in the Grave

ATU 1876, Chickens on a String, along with ATU 1313, The Man Who Thought He Was Dead.


The Pink (The Carnation)

ATU 652, The Boy Whose Wishes Always Come True.


Gambling Hansel

ATU 330A, The Smith's Three Wishes.


The Water of Life

ATU 551


The Spirit in the Bottle

ATU 331


The Gold-Children

ATU 555, The Fisherman and His Wife, followed by type 303, Blood Brothers.


The Poor Man and the Rich Man

ATU 750A, Good Wishes and Foolish Wishes.


The King of the Golden Mountain

ATU 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle. Introduced with an episode of type 810, The Devil Loses a Soul That Was Promised Him. Includes episodes of type 560, The Magic Ring, and type 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects.


The Raven

ATU 401, The Girl Transformed into an Animal. Includes an episode of type 518, Quarreling Giants Lose Their Magic Objects.


Sweet Porridge

ATU 565, The Magic Mill.

[The Tale]

Wise Folks (Clever People)

ATU 1384, A Man Seeks Someone as Stupid as His Wife. Includes episodes of type 1385, A Woman Accepts Her Own Cow as Security, and type 1540, The Man from Paradise.


The Twelve Lazy Servants

ATU 1950, A Contest in Laziness.

[The Tale]

The Stolen Farthings

ATU 769, A Child Returns from the Dead.


The King's Son Who Feared Nothing

ATU 590, The Magic Belt; and type 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle.


The Three Apprentices

ATU 360, The Three Apprentices and the Devil. Similar to type 1697, We Three, for Money.

[The Tale]

The Three Little Birds

ATU 707, The Dancing Water, the Singing Apple, and the Speaking Bird.

[The Tale]

Fitcher's Bird [Fowler's Fowl]

ATU 311, The Heroine Rescues Herself and Her Sisters. Similar to type 312, Bluebeard.


The Young Giant

ATU 650A, introduced with an episode of type 700, Tom Thumb


The Three Lazy Ones (The Three Lazybones)

ATU 1950, A Contest in Laziness

[The Tale]


Brothers Grimm household tales classified, ATU numbers for Grimm tales, Literature  

Brothers Grimm. The Complete Fairy Tales. Tr. Jack Zipes. Extended 3rd ed. London: Vintage Classics, 2007. ⍽▢⍽ The book contains a translation of the tales in the seventh edition of the Grimm tales from 1857, plus thirty-two more tales that the Grimms shaped and refined and published in earlier editions of the work. Dr Zipes' critically acclaimed, large book (over 1000 pages) contains much of relevant information. Besides, the language of the tales reads well. Better be warned: there are violence-ridden tales among many others.

Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Karl. The German Legends of the Brothers Grimm. Vol. 1 and Vol 2. Ed. and tr. Donald Ward. Philadelphia: The Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1981.

Hunt, Margaret Raine, tr and ed. Grimm's Household Tales with the Authors' Notes. 2 vols. London: George Bell and Sons, 1884.

Uther, Hans-Jörg. The Types of International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography Based on the System of Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson. Vols 1-3. FF Communications No. 284-86, Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 2004.

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