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ATU numbers are used to classify types of folktales in the international folktales catalogue. The many types of tales are described there too, along with other information. [More]. (See Uther 2004 below).

Below, all the best known Grimm tales are given type numbers, that is, one or more ATU-numbers, for studying them better. Where the ATU type-title is as in the title of a translated, common Grimm tale, the title is left out after the ATU number. Besides, apart from all the tales in the final Grimm edition, data for two more tales is supplied on one of these pages: "Puss in Boots" from the Grimms' first edition, and the legend "The Children of Hameln" (See Grimm, 1981). - Tormod Kinnes

The Poor Miller's Boy and the Cat

ATU 402, The Animal Bride.

[Left out]

The Two Kings' Children

ATU 313C, The Girl Helps the Hero Flee; the Forgotten Fiancée.

[Left out]

Hans Hedgehog

ATU 441

[Left out]

The Shroud (The Little Shroud, or The Burial Shirt)

ATU 769

[Left out]

A Riddling Tale

ATU 407, The Girl as a Flower.

[Left out]

The Trained Huntsman

ATU 304

[Left out]

The Old Woman in the Wood

ATU 442, The Old Woman in the Woods.

[Left out]

The Threshing-Flail from Heaven

A combination of ATU 1960A, The Giant Animal; ATU 1960G, The Giant Plant; and ATU 1889K, A Rope Made of Chaff. (The same: ATU 1960a + 1960g + 1889k.)

[Left out]

The Gnome

ATU 301A, The Quest for the Vanished Princesses.

[Left out]

The Girl Without Hands

ATU 706

[Left out]

The Cunning Little Tailor

ATU 850, also with episodes of type 1060, Squeezing Water from a Stone; type 1062, A Contest in Throwing Stones; type 1052, A Contest in Carrying a Tree; type 1051, Springing with a Bent Tree; type 1115, Attempting to Kill the Hero in His Bed.

[Left out]

Stories about Snakes (Paddocks) (Tales of the Toad)

(1) ATU 285; The Child and the Snake. (2) ATU 672B, The Toad's Crown. (3) ATU 2075 Imitating Animal Sounds.

[Left out]

The Donkey

ATU 430, The Donkey Bridegroom.

[The Tale]

The Ungrateful Son

ATU 980D, A Toad in the Face of an Ungrateful Son.

[Left out]

One-Eye, Two-Eyes, and Three-Eyes

ATU 511

[Left out]

Fair Katrinelje and Pif Paf Poltrie

ATU 2019

[Left out]

The Buffalo Boots

ATU 952, The King and the Soldier.

[Left out]

The Cabbage-Donkey

ATU 567, The Magic Bird Heart. Similar to ATU 566, Fruit That Grows Horns (Fortunatus).

[Left out]

The Sole [The Flounder]

ATU 250A, The Flounder's Crooked Mouth.

[Left out]

The Owl

ATU 1281, Burning the Barn to Destroy an Unknown Animal.

[The Tale]

The Three Black Princesses

Similar to the ATU type 401A, The Enchanted Princess in Her Castle.

[Left out]

Knoist and His Three Sons

ATU 1965. Includes an episode of the ATU type 1963, Sailing in a Bottomless Boat.

[Left out]

The Three Brothers

ATU 654, Which Brother Has the Best Skill?

[Left out]

The Devil and His Grandmother

ATU 812, The Devil's Riddle.

[Left out]

Strong Hans

ATU 650A, The Young Giant; and ATU 301A, The Quest for the Vanished Princesses.

[The Tale]

The Peasant in Heaven

ATU 802

[The Tale]

The White Bride and the Black Bride

ATU 403A, The Black and the White Bride: The Wishes.

[Left out]

Iron Hans

ATU 502, The Wild Man as a Helper

[Left out]

Choosing a Bride

ATU 1452, Choosing a Bride by How She Cuts Cheese.

[The Tale]

The Hards (Odds and Ends)

ATU 1451, A Suitor Chooses the Thrifty Girl.

[The Tale]


Brothers Grimm household tales classified, ATU numbers for Grimm tales, Literature  

Brothers Grimm. The Complete Fairy Tales. Tr. Jack Zipes. Extended 3rd ed. London: Vintage Classics, 2007. ⍽▢⍽ The book contains a translation of the tales in the seventh edition of the Grimm tales from 1857, plus thirty-two more tales that the Grimms shaped and refined and published in earlier editions of the work. Dr Zipes' critically acclaimed, large book (over 1000 pages) contains much of relevant information. Besides, the language of the tales reads well. Better be warned: there are violence-ridden tales among many others.

Grimm, Jacob Ludwig Karl. The German Legends of the Brothers Grimm. Vol. 1 and Vol 2. Ed. and tr. Donald Ward. Philadelphia: The Institute for the Study of Human Issues, 1981.

Hunt, Margaret Raine, tr and ed. Grimm's Household Tales with the Authors' Notes. 2 vols. London: George Bell and Sons, 1884.

Uther, Hans-Jörg. The Types of International Folktales: A Classification and Bibliography Based on the System of Antti Aarne and Stith Thompson. Vols 1-3. FF Communications No. 284-86, Helsinki: Academia Scientiarum Fennica, 2004.

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