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Get Well Oriented - also of Human Rights

What you are or will be is what you wake up to realise above words if you meditate well.

Much depends on getting to all right information.

Yogananda: "All places are the same to me (in SRF 1959:34)." However, he said his soul drew him to Los Angeles. It was not the same to his soul where he stayed.

There are good reasons not to think like Yogananda said if you want to remain among the living. You may be reminded of the proverb, "It's all the same to me," said the boy, he was going to get a spanking."

Also, in another perspective: "It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell (Matthew 5:29). Be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell. (Matthew 10:28)." Accordingly, many speak of heavens and hells, and we could profit from discerning well, or as well as we can, and if that is not well enough - fit, sound and careful and so on - we may end up dead long before time and lose many opportunities for good gains among the still living.

Then again, once you have climbed to a high state, even a lowly setting may work too, if your state is solidified. Much depends on that.

Stop all foolish devotee-gilded presentations of Yogananda

Moving on after being senselessly made an oath-bound SRF member, may become a big problem to some. Let us hope for their part that SRF never informed them before the oath-binding that the oath is meant to be at work for a series of future lives, if Yogananda has it right. There is a good reason to protest against getting tied to the SRF guru by an oath if it is soaked in bandit swindles - or the whole, wide scenario is kept in the dark - tied to Yogananda for lives to come and in between. That is the teaching - One should be free to leave the sect if not duly informed about it beforehand. It is a Human Right.

Yogananda There is only one guru uniquely the devotee's own. But if you turn away from the emissary of God, He silently asks: 'What is wrong with you . . .?' . . . He who cannot learn through the wisdom and love of his God-ordained guru will not find God in this life. Several incarnations at least must pass before he will have another such opportunity." - Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF magazine, spring 1974, p 6. From a talk at the SRF Headquarters, 8/17/39

There are pros and cons here. If Yogananda slips or falls deep into hell due to brutal, vicious murders and mutilations in former lives he has told of, or due to influencing Hitler to make war eastwards, or both and yet more, what about his oath-bound followers? (Kriyananda 2011:131; 2004, No 189). There should be a guarantee that Yogananda will not drag them all down into hell with him, but who can give such guarantees with credibility intact?

More important still: Go for far better opportunities. Try not to waste valuable time by waiting for someone who possibly fell into hell. Simple as that. The Bhagavad Gita teaches things in line with this approach (e.g. Bhagavad Gita 2:40). The Gita's teaching is to keep going (meditating, that is), and if you should happen to die before you get Self-realized, there is hope ahead too. Think positively and do good otherwise too. Here are Bhagavad Gita teachings from Swami Sivananda's translation. They are abridged:

Sri Krishna The doer of good is not destroyed, neither here nor hereafter (6:40).

He who fell from Yoga is reborn in the house of the pure and wealthy (6:41).

Or he is born in a family of even the wise yogis (6:42). There he comes in touch with the knowledge acquired in his former body and strives more than before for perfection (6:43).

The yogi who strives with assiduity, purified of sins and perfected gradually through many births, reaches the highest goal (6:45).

Be a yogi (6:46)!

Then what about the glorious, gilded devotee-presentations of Yogananda, a guru who resorted to Lousy Arts and said he influenced Hitler to aggravate World War II, according to some books about it? (Kriyananda 2011:131; 2004, No 189). Yogananda escaped being convicted and execulted as a war criminal or witch-hunted in the United States afterwards. But he told devotees how he had influenced the mind of Hitler. He had some interests - necromancy - that the Bible speaks all condemningly of [More]. (Also see Williamson 2010:71)

Someone with a massive responsibility for millions of victims of the cruelties of a World War may not be a pleasure to be tied to in the beyond or other places. That is more or less as old karma teachings tell.

Moving on from the guru who let disciples know he had influenced Adolf Hitler to attack the Soviet Union, means different things to different people, and perhaps moving on doesn't work so well due to indoctrination, fears of Yogananda magic, laming, and so on. However, general approaches are: (1) To move on and try to sort out things from then on. (2) To try to understand things before taking further action. (3) To move while you try to sort out things - maybe in a great hurry -

Get properly oriented so as not to commit in a hurry to your harm. Note that among fair folks it is fit to present a case as it really is. A clown may find another presentation than that to be of more service to himself and the circus, and be loved!

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