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Yogananda and the Walrus

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A well lived life A life wisely lived is a lot, easy or not. "The life of a monk isn't easy," the SRF monk Bhavananda (1932-2010) once said to me - You may think life as a monk or nun is easy-breezy if you are a virile person and your future superiors are exacting or rotten. If so, it matters to reconsider, since you might end up much enervated:

One third of all the monastics in the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) Church decided to leave between 2000 and 2005, in part with fears and mental troubles. That is what many witness on the SRF Walrus say. The Walrus was set up as an online discussion forum by one of those former SRF monastics. [◦SRF Walrus Backup site till into 2006]

Yogananda and a Follower
  1. Monastics under Yogananda
  2. Kriyananda on Education
  3. Yogananda's Wailer Way Discredited
  4. Yogananda Tells Calvin Coolidge How
  5. Praise of Yogananda
  6. Nirvikalpa Teachings
  7. A New Life after the Fall
  8. Yogananda Prophesies and Gullibility

SRF Walrus

  1. Walrus Wise Fellows
  2. SRF Walrus Issues
  3. Strangely Best, Eh?
  4. Spin-off from a Walrus Study
  5. Profoundly Pious Ideas May Help Many
  6. Hallowed Fopperies
  7. Le chat Let Out: Overview ☥☥
  8. A Hornet's Nest or Not
Bouguerou. The Difficult Lesson, 1884. Section
The Difficult Lesson

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