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Yogananda and the Walrus

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A well lived life A life wisely lived is a lot, easy or not. "The life of a monk isn't easy," the SRF monk Bhavananda (1932-2010) once said to me - You may think life as a monk or nun is easy-breezy, but perhaps it is not, for example if you are a virile person and your superiors are demanding and of the wrong sort.

One third of all the monastics in the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) Church decided to leave between 2000 and 2005, in part with signs of fear and mental troubles in tragic stories on the SRF Walrus, a former, online discussion forum. The monastics had been lorded over for years. [◦SRF Walrus Backup site till into 2006]

Yogananda and a Follower
  1. Monastics under Yogananda
  2. Kriyananda on Education
  3. Yogananda's Folly-Yoga
  4. Yogananda Tells Calvin Coolidge How
  5. Praise of Yogananda
  6. Nirvikalpa Teachings
  7. A New Life after the Fall

SRF Walrus

  1. Walrus Wise Fellows
  2. SRF Walrus Issues
  3. Strangely Best, Eh?
  4. Spin-off from a Walrus Study
  5. Profoundly Pious Ideas May Help Many
  6. Hallowed Fopperies
  7. Le chat Let Out: Overview ☥☥
  8. A Hornet's Nest or Not
Bouguerou. The Difficult Lesson, 1884. Section
The Difficult Lesson

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