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Caladium seguinum. American Arum

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Arteriosclerosis – Asthmatic complaints – Very forgetful – Tobacco heart.

Wish adieu to

Forgetfulness that goes along with asthmatic troubles. – Hardly knows why he/she is afraid to go to sleep (C). – Gloomy – Confused (C). – Greatly irritable (with a foul mouth too (T). (C). – Apprehensive (C).

  • Ears: Sensitive to noise.
  • Throat: Dry, without thirst (C)
  • Stomach: Acrid vomiting – Thirstless – Burning (C).
  • Urinary: Fetid urine.
  • Male: Thick skin of scrotum – Erections without sexual desire (C) – Cold perspiration of the sexual organs (C) – Impotence.
  • Female: Pruritus of vagina (C).
  • Respiratory: Larynx seems constricted – Breathing impelled – Catarrhal asthma – Mucus not readily raised, but the asthma is releaved when it is raised (B and C).
  • Sleep: Unrefreshing sleep – Easily starts from sleep.

Calcarea Carbonica - Ostrearum. Carbonate of Lime

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): A jaded state due to overwork – Children who crave eggs – Patient is fat; fat children – Polypi – Repugnance to hot food – Anti-psoric remedy – Cold – Fit for lymphatic blonde girls – Where a cold wind strikes – Sensitiveness to cold air and wet conditions.

The remedy has a very wide range - fit for those of suppressed eruption.

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evincing Boldness.

Wish adieu to

The patient fears she will lose her reason.

Greatly confused – Sensation as if in a dream, with obstinacy.

Great weakness of memory and of conception (dizzy) – Visions of murders, rats and mice, and so on.

Great sensitiveness.

Dejection, and sadness.

  • Head: Open fontanelles – The head sweats profusely – Rush of blood to head.
  • Eyes: Lacrymation in open air – Easy fatigue of eyes.
  • Ears: Cracking noises in ear.
  • Face: Crusta lactea – Pain from right mental foramen along lower jaw to ear.
  • Mouth: Toothaache excited by current of air.
  • Throat: Hawking-up of mucus.
  • Stomach: Frequent sour eructations – Cramps – Repugnance to hot food – Worsening while eating.
  • Male: Impotence: cold and relaxed penis.
  • Female: Too profuse menses, with possible coldness felt all over – Deficient lactation – Pain in the breasts.
  • Respiratory: Dyspnoea – Bronchial affections – Chilliness coughs – Worse, sitting down in the morning – Tightness – Scanty, salty or sour expectoration.
  • Neck and Back: Renal colic.
  • Limbs: Bruised pain of arms on moving or grasping – Weakness and a kind of lameness of arm, extending into fingers.
  • Skin: Warts on face and hands – Foot-sweat.
  • Sleep: Frightful dreams of sickness etc – Starts at every noise.
  • Fever: Night sweats – Fever with or without chill.

SunupCalendula Officinalis. Marigold

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Remarkable for lesser, open wounds, and parts that will not heal, if applied locally (non-homeopathic herb use) – Cancer – One is most comfortable when walking about a bit – Calendula could work well on the spinal cord.

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evincing Healthy formation on or of surfaces – Emboldening.

Wish adieu to Fearful – Depressed.

Irritable and somewhat sensitive.

  • Head and neck: Forehead flushes. Pain in right side of neck.
  • Ears: Deafness.
  • Nose: Coryza with green discharge.
  • Stomach: The food has a natural taste (thoughout the other symptoms).
  • Urinary: Difficulty of passing water, possibly.
  • Female: Cancer of uterus.
  • Respiratory: Cough, with distention of inguinal ring.
  • Chest: Stiching, especially in evening when lying in bed.
  • Limbs: Cold hands.
  • Skin: Wrinkled. Yellow. Slough, flesh. Superficial burns and scalds.
  • Fever: Greatly sensitive to open air. Heat in evening. Fever with aversion to drinks. Many of the symptoms (nervousness, sensitivity etc.) appear or reappear during the chilly stage of the fever.

SunupCalluna vulgaris. Heather

aimed at AIMED AT those who get sorely self-occupied for a long time, those who fear being left alone, fear being lonely or loners. They may get talkative, and have their amounts of intolerance beneath it, though.

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evincing Heather is said to advocate (through its steady influence) better self-care, better readiness to related to love or loved ones, and helps concern for others too.

Cannabis Indica. Hashish

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Exaggerated perceptions – Sleepy – Feels he can think rationally – Must constantly move about – Great desire to lie down in the day or otherwise.

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evincing Great, soothing influence – The will inside

Wish adieu to

Exuberance of spirits.

Mania – Unusual excitement with excessive loquacity – Rapid mood swings.

Imaginations innumerable, for example of immense distance (C) – Absentminded (and easily distracted).

Fear of getting a screw loose.

  • Head: Throbbing and weight at occiput – Most severe aching in temples.
  • Eyes: Pain over the eyes – Glimmering before the eyes.
  • Ears: Extreme sensitivity to noise.
  • Face: Forehead and chin feels tight.
  • Mouth: Foul mouth after some time if unchecked.
  • Stomach: Increased appetite, or suffocative feeling while eating – Tension in abdominal vessels.
  • Abdomen: Somewhat distended – Flatulence accompanies the headaches.
  • Urinary: Disorders, e.g – urging and straining, but cannot pass a drop – Or has to wait some time before the urine flows – Quite colourless urine.
  • Male: Shameless.
  • Female: Threatened miscarriage.
  • Respiratory: Great effort to take a deep inspiration.
  • Chest: Both nipples stitches.
  • Heart: Piercing pain.
  • Back: Warmth in spine extending to head.
  • Limbs: Shooting pains from knees down in particular.
  • Sleep: Excessive sleepiness – Much unable to fall asleep – Grits teeth or talks vehemently during sleep.

Cantharis. Spanish Fly

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Furious disturbance of sexual organs – Violent inflammations of lower bowels – Frenzied delirium – Secretium of mucous membranes, tenacious mucus – Glaucoma – Various striking and even "cutting" sufferings.

Go for it

evincing Self-trust – Some hope in self-attainments.


Løyer, ie, making fun of

Wish adieu to

Delirium – Insanely raging – Fits of gestures – Languid diction (C).

Unreasonalby irritated – Dejected – Anxious inquietude.

Acute, fiery-sexual mania with a red face – Too timid at heart (at bottom).

Very rebellious, e.g. as a marriage partner – Flies into a rage for virtually nothing or nothing at all – Want of confidence in oneself.

  • Head: Drawing pains in the bones of the head – Headache.
  • Eyes: Glaucoma – Pains and heat – Burning.
  • Ears: Burning heat of the ears – Inflammations.
  • Nose: Inflamed – Harsh catarrh.
  • Mouth: Inflamed tongue.
  • Throat: Very timid, and trembling voice – Throat feels on fire – Great difficulty of swallowing liquids.
  • Stomach: Very sensitive – Burning sensation – Burning pains.
  • Abdomen: Swelling – Flatulency.
  • Stool: Bloody, with burning – Shuddering after stool – Streaks of blood in anus.
  • Urinary: Urine scalds him – Pale, yellow urine – Painful sensibility of the bladder.
  • Male: After coition, burning pain in the urethra.
  • Female: Nymphomania – Retained placenta – Metritis and inflammation of bladder – Pain in ovaries.
  • Respiratory: Weak feeling – Oppressed breathing – Whooping-cough and other spasmodic coughs – Pleurisy.
  • Chest: Dyspnoea – Constriction – Frequent, dry cough – Short, hacking cough – Burning pains.
  • Limbs: Ulcerative pain in soles; cannot step (well) – Possibly dropsical swelling of hands and feet.
  • Skin: Versicular (!) eruptions – Burning and itching – Increased suppuration.
  • Sleep: Frequent waking

MODALITIES: Better from rubbing(s) Worse from lying down – The symptoms can be renewed weekly – Relieved from cold water.

Carbo Animalis. Animal Charcoal

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Nursing women that feel weak – Buboes – Pains as from bruises.

Wish adieu to

Reflective and avoids company or conversation.

Mournful feeling – Despair.

Disposition to be frightened.

Alternate feeling of gaiety and despondency.

  • Head: Headache as if head had been blown to pieces, or as if skull were torn open.
  • Eyes: Cataract (C) – Some dilatation of the pupils.
  • Ears: Cannot tell direction of sound.
  • Nose: Swollen – Epistaxis (nosebleed) preceded by vertigo
  • Face: Heat of the face and head in the afternoon – Cracked lips.
  • Mouth: Dry and sore tongue.
  • Throat: Mucus in the throat.
  • Stomach: Empty or gnawing feeling – Pyrosis – Cramp-like or contractive pains in the stomach (C).
  • Abdomen: Loud rumbling in the abdomen (C) – Incarceration of flatus (C) – Fetid flatulency (C).
  • Stool: Sacral (back) pains during the evacuation – Viscid oozing at the perineum.
  • Urinary: Burning urine.
  • Female: Cancer of uterus.
  • Respiratory: Cough with discharge of pus.
  • Back: Burning pain in the sacrum (C).
  • Limbs: Cramps in the calves (C).
  • Skin: Painful glands in neck – Profuse night-sweat – Swellings with burning pain.
  • Sleep: Frightful visions (C).
  • Fever: Easily produced perspiration

Carbo Vegetabilis. Vegetable Charcoal

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Who has a tendency to chronicity in his or her complaints – Almost lifeless – After debilitating diseases – Acute pullings and arthritic drawing pains – Faints easitly – Has never fully recovered from the effects of some previous illness – Burning sensation in the nape of the head (occiput pain) – Cholera – Measles.

Wish adieu to

Fear of ghosts.

Timid – Weak memory, forgets easily.

Slow apprehension – Great aversion to labour.

  • Head: Itching of the scalp in the evening (B).
  • Eyes:
  • Ears: Otorrhoea.
  • Nose: Obstruction of the nose.
  • Face: Pimples on forehead – Furunculi before the ear, and under the jaw.
  • Mouth: Obstinate looseness of the teeth (B).
  • Throat: Stitches in the throat (B) – Is liable to take cold (B).
  • Stomach: Food inconveniences him (B) – Heaviness – Fullness – Worse lying down – Aversion to fat things – Vomits while coughing sets in.
  • Abdomen: Cannot bear any tight clothing around his waist and abdomen (B) – Greatly distended – Flatulent colic (gas).
  • Stool: Acrid, corrosive moisture.
  • Urinary: Constriction of the urethra, especially in the morning - cf (B).
  • Female: Premature and too copious menses.
  • Respiratory: Whooping-cough in childhood (B) – Wheezing and rattling – Coughing till face is bluish – Neglected pneumonia – Asthma in aged with blue skin.
  • Back: Painful stiffness.
  • Limbs: Contusive pain in all the limbs, esp. in the morning, immediately on rising (B) – Paralytic weakness of the wrists and of the fingers (B) – Cold from knees down.
  • Skin: Falling out of hair – Streaks of a reddish brown.
  • Sleep: No sleep, with inability to open the eyes.
  • Fever: Intermitting (B) – Perspiration on eating.

MODALITIES: Worse, change of weather and in evening – Better from fanning and from cold.

SunupCarpinus betulus. Hornbeam

aimed at AIMED AT those who feel they lack the strength for the everyday demands, who suffer from a persecution, maybe. Being displeased from inside with one's lot in life.

"For the feeling (often experienced upon waking) that one doesn't have the strength to get through the normal activities of the day. (Bach)."

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evincing Hornbeam advocates (through its steady influence) the strength to carry out everyday duties and routines.

It also "teaches mental liveliness and alertness, an enthusiasm for life (Bach)"

Castanea Vesca. Chestnut Leaves

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Can hardly straighten up.

Wish adieu to

Very thirsty – Loss of appetite.


Whooping-cough, early stage (B).

NOTE: The remedy is little explored so far.

Ceanothus (americanus). New Jersey Tea

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): The remedy relates to the spleen – Active hemastatic, reducing the clotting of blood.

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evincing Some weight-loss (C).

Wish adieu to

Low spirits with splenic affection (B).

Cannot work (B).

  • Eyes: Eyes feel too large (B).
  • Throat: Dry, with raw sensation on swallowing (B)
  • Stomach: Cannot eat pastry.
  • Urinary: Steady urging to urinate. Cf. (B).
  • Female: Menses too profuse and too early (B).
  • Respiratory: Chronic bronchitis.
  • Heart: Chest feels too small for heart (B).

SunupCeanothus thyrsiflorus. Blueblossom flowers

Wish adieu to

Low-spirited + Terrible self-doubt + Wincing a lot + Peevish + Nervous + Guilt for some obscure reason + Dreams of being victimised + Dreams of being up to pursued + To work seems too much + Feels too weak to move about much + Scarcely able to hold a fork + Walking-weakness + Great weakness + Irresistible tendency to masturbation.

  • Nose: Itching.
  • Throat: Dry; can hardly talk. Pharyngitis. Tonsillitis.
  • Abdomen: Pains.
  • Rectum: Continual bearing-down in rectum.
  • Limbs: Swelling of fingers and/or knee joints.

Cerium Oxalicum. Oxalate of Cerium

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Who coughs and vomits.

Wish adieu to

  • Stomach: Sea-sickness (with or without vomiting)
  • Respiratory: Cough, reflex – Nervous cough – Spasmodic coughs.
  • Female: Early morning pregnancy vomiting.

Cetraria Islandica. Iceland Moss

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Atrophy (B) – Emaciated people (B) – Chronic diarrhoea – Catarrh.

Wish adieu to

  • Mouth: Bitter slimy taste (B).
  • Stool: Chronic diarrhœa.
  • Respiratory: Bronchorrhoea (B) – Bloody expectoration.

SunupChamomilla. German Chamomile

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Mental folks and tactlessly emotional folks – Too acute sense experience(s), i.e., sensibility of the nervous system – Teething – Such as pregnant women, nurses, and little children.

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evincing More indirect or roundabout messages

Wish adieu to


Despairing from pains – Quite unbearable pains.

Anger with diminished comprehension.


  • Piteous moaning with hot, clammy sweat
  • Stitching pain
  • Eyelids smart
  • Attacks of spasms and of convulsions
  • Uneasy flabbiness in the stomach
  • Slimy stool, with colic. Colic after anger (B).
  • Diarrhoea of infancy
  • Larynx: rawness
  • Pressure towards the uterus
  • Toothaches of teething - at times with distortion of features from pain.
  • Numbness or convulsive movements of the fingers – Senses less in the feet, particularly at night Cf (B)
  • Yellow colour of the skin – Rash on the cheeks.

MODALITIES: Worse from coffee, at night, and from damp cold weather – Burning of soles at night.

Chaparro Amargoso. Goat-bush

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Dysentery.

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evincing Toning up the body system, especially the fluids. Cf. (B).

China Regia (Cinchona Officinalis). Peruvian Bark

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Dyspepsia – Influenza – Heaviness of the whole body – Post-operative exhaustion and nervous erethism – Torpor – Still weak after some debilitating original disease – More than ordinary vivacity, with fixedness of the eyes (B)

Wish adieu to

Ideas crowd in mind.

Disposition to be alone.

Exam nerves, exam fears (e.g. 3 last weeks).

Disobedience – Excessive irascibility.

Moral insensibility.

  • Head: As if skull would burst – Throbbing of head and carotids – Headache from temple to temple – Dizzy when walking.
  • Eyes: Scalding lachrymation.
  • Nose: Checked catarrh – Coryza, sneezing.
  • Face: Flushed – Bloated.
  • Stomach: Hunger after meals (B) – Flatulence and belching.
  • Abdomen: Flatulent colic.
  • Stool: Frothy, yellowish, with much flatulence.
  • Male: Frequent emissions.
  • Female: Desire too strong – Pelvis pain
  • Respiratory: Severe influenza with some debility – Suffocation (B) – Worse in damp weather.
  • Limbs: Sensitive to touch – Much enlarged veins.
  • Skin: Ulcers and caries.
  • Sleep: Unrefreshing – Groans during sleep – Dream-fears linger or remain.
  • Fever: Paroxysms – Thirst before chill - burning thirst – All fever stages well marked – Very profuse fever perspiration.

MODALITIES: Worse after loss of vital fluids (i.e., after having sex, etc).

Cina. Worm-seed

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Neuralgia – For nervous, irritable children – Irritable temper – Convulsions – Jerkings of the feet – Wants to be rocked – Ugly-looking ones.

Wish adieu to

Ill-humoured – Very temperamental – Very cross child versus everything offered – Disposition to be offended by trifling jests (B) – Anxiety on walking in the open air (B).

Child refuses to be carried – Lachrymose and plaintive (B).

  • Head: Pain in head when using eyes.
  • Face: Cold face, and pale, with cold perspiration – Circumscribed redness of cheeks.
  • Stomach: Vomiting of mucus and of ascarides (B).
  • Stool: Involuntary, whitish evacuations (B).
  • Female: Womb-troubles in general
  • Respiratory: Gagging cough – Child is afraid to speak for fear of bringing on paroxysm of coughing.
  • Limbs: Jerking of fingers – Things slip out of the hand too easily (B) – Distortion of the limbs (B).
  • Sleep: Crying out as if in delirium (B) – Restless and lamenting in the morning (B) – Gets on knees in sleep; on abdomen.

MODALITIES: Worse in the evening and morning.

SunupCinnamonum. Cinnamon

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Nausea – Haemorrhages – Feeble patients with languid circulation.

Go for it

evincing A bright outlook.*

Wish adieu to

Hysterical attacks (B).

  • Abdomen: Nausea or vomiting – Nausea while riding – Sea-sickness*
  • Stool: Stool in hard balls (B)
  • Female: No desire for anything – Blood bright red.

MODALITIES: Worse by any physical exertion (B)

Sunup1. Clematis Vitalba. Clematis, Traveller's Joy

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Those who up to adamantly seek ballyhoo 5 – She advices her children to be lax about standing up to their rights better 6 – Desperate, beside oneself 7 – May break down and make a show of respectful manners as part of plots afterwards 6 – A bass of relationships: Brutal 5 – Having disturbances of sleep..

Arthritis – A glands and skin remedy – Neuralgic pains – Neuralgic aches of the back – Very wild feeling in brain along with muscular and neuralgic pains – Twitching muscles – Very sleepy – Rheumatic – Scrofulous.

Go for it (advancing)

evincing More energy, spunk (pepp) in living, etc).*

Organise information (Hi 474) 4.

Stand your ground 5.

Tidy, neat, attractive, trim (prydelig) 5.

Warn against feigned validity that cruelly betray well-being 6.

Warn: Law-feigners above you have set up dullard and cruel regulations that are sure to betray wellbeing if believed in 5.

Talk without strain or pressures of essential matters 5.

Breaking out of dangers 5.

Wish adieu to

Conversation apprehension *.

Fear of being alone.

Cringing 5 – Character; lacking firmness of character 5 – Disappointed with each other at home 5.

Ashamed of your humble childhood home 4 – Fashion slave; slave of fashion 7.

Environmental stress 5.

Dreamy and muffled all of a sudden, as from marihuana; yet his/her esteem matters (j:5) 6 – Undependable (O Hi 455) 6.

Terrorised repeatedly 5 – Bitter 4 – Macabre 4 – Discord 4 – Vacillating 4 – Spitfire 6 – Apologize: resisting apologising to others 4.

  • Head: Itching.
  • Eyes: Heat in eyes – Sensitiveness to cold – Flickering before eyes – Inflamed and protruding eyes.
  • Nose: Coryza (with sneezing)
  • Face: Swelling of glands – Hard tubercles – Itches.
  • Mouth: Better, holding cold water in mouth.
  • Abdomen: Sensation of constriction in the lower abdomen.
  • Urinary: Tingling – Frequent urination – Urethra fels constricted – Pain along the spermatic cord.
  • Male: Swelling of scrotum – Neuralgia (spermatic cord) 3 – Suppressed gonorrhoea – Spermatic cord pain – Violent, long-continuing erections
  • Female: Uterus discharges – Nipples ulcerated 5
  • Back: Eruption of pustules in the lumbar region
  • Limbs: Hands are dry and hot – Weakness of the legs – Varicose ulcers.
  • Skin: Rashes – Vesicular, scabby – Glands hot, glands swollen – Psoric pustules.
  • Sleep: Sensation of not having slept enough

MODALITIES: Much better in open air.

Sunrise remedy2. Clematis vitalba. Clematis, Traveller's Joy (Rooted in Dr. Bach)

Aimed at

aimed at OLD hurts - and those whose lives are unhappy and therefore tend to withdraw into fantasy worlds. Such persons never seem fully awake or actively interested in the world of matter; the world of matter doesn't appear to be their favorite mode. (3)

The Clematis influence can play a role in activating people who are lapsed into a sorry and sordid state to their better potential. They appear to be greatly sensitive if things go wrong. Then they may show a remarkable lack of control over their surroundings: appearing dreamy, drowsy, not fully awake, having no great interest in life and their own doings, and often lacking relevant firmness in their larger surroundings, without working as they should in the present. Their fitness may be at stake in that case. ◊

THEY MAY be caught off guard while dreaming much in vain of a better future. Yes, these quiet people are not really happy in their present circumstances, living more in the future than in the present; living in hopes of happier times while they flounder.

They can be insensitively ungrounded and indifferent to the details of everyday life. ◊

Go for it

evincing THIS REMEDY (influence) evinces that "Clematis persons" find back to themselves so that they can build castles in life and suffer less from air castle rides.

Becoming far better able to manifest their dreams and visions and share them with others they care about, and also renewing interest in daily life and happenings on a local scale, they could also take up reading the local newspaper again (ugh). ◊

THESE folks are not enough involved in their immediate surroundings to make their dreams or visions come true as much as is needed. They need to be influenced to think and reflect - turn more reflective in certain ways.

What is more, the influence (remedy) is said to help against a fuzzy, light-headed feeling at times of emergency. ◊

THESE persons may need to reject what the mob thinks or says, to reject the mob, simply said: The remedy influences how to bridge the physical world and the world of ideas. The persons who get a prolonged influence may get well versed in time.

They should be dreaming wisely and sanely of accomplishments in the future, as the thoughts of Clematis persons often turn to imagined futures. And observing things well, they may learn to understand (see) things well, understand how things work. ◊

They should never go into a new or weak business unless they have lots to spare and good nerves.

Some of them could fail out of a need to approach hunger or worry and experience life in a different vein. (7)

They should learn to compute well instead of putting on airs. The Clematis influence helps creativity. And the outstanding man thinks and reflects in order to assuage well in such a larger picture.

Irregular goings and knots: Wish adieu to them

irregular goings through knots THOSE whose minds drift away from the present into fantasies of the future, or into alternative versions of the present, may learn to put on airs and seem cold in order to guard themselves.

Not all believe that the effects of (nightly) over-study may encompass a wild feeling in the brain and aching eyeballs. ◊

HAVING dreams of great future success, creative endeavour and achievement, they may be very sensitive and can appear cold.

In settings where practical idealists never seem fully to bother, or recover, something has gone wrong. ◊

DREAMING of the future, they lose themselves at times in mere imaginings.

Quite dreamy, idealistic people may not subside much and amount to much in the world of details. And in certain cases they "may even look forward to death, in the hope of better times; or maybe, meeting again some beloved one whom they have lost." ◊

Some make little money, others make little or no effort to get well in an illness. They seem to approach disorder and illness in a different vein, but the overall picture is wrong. (7)

Cocculus (Anamirta Cocculus). Indian Cockle

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Effects of night-sweating – Romantic girls – Too weak to talk loud – Debility (B)

Wish adieu to

Disposition to be frightened.– Feels heavy, dull and stupid inside – Benumbed mind – Speaks hastily about such as the health of others.

Can't resist singing – Weak memory (B) – Fright – Very sensitive to contact * – Hypochondriacal humour – Feels confused.

Preoccupied with sustaining wrongs in his mind – Mistakes concerning the lapse of time, time passes too quickly.

  • Head: Headache in occiput – Sick headache from carriage-riding.
  • Ears: Noise sensitive
  • Face: Prosopalgia in afternoon – Swelling and induration of the sub-maxillary glands (B).
  • Throat: Some constriction of the throat
  • Stomach: Aversion to food – Seasickness – Sensation in stomach as if one had been a long time without food until hunger was gone.
  • Abdomen: Enlarged liver (B) - with great fatigue * (B) – Affections of the hypogastrium (the lower front central region of the abdomen, below the navel) (B).
  • Female: Profuse, dark menses.
  • Back: Pain in small of the back – Shootings between the shoulder-blades (B) – Pressure in scapula and nape.
  • Limbs: Rheumatic pains, with hot swelling of the partsaffected (B) – Knees crack – Lower limbs very weak – Limbs painful when flexed – Palpitation of the muscles of the arm (B) – Hot and arthritic swelling of the hands (B) – Pain in the heel (os calcis) as if bruised (B).
  • Skin: Night-sweats – Very sensitive to touch.
  • Sleep: Spasmodic yawning (B) – Frequent waking (B) – Feels weakness after interruptions of sleep.
  • Fever: Chilliness with perspiration – Fever, with tendency to become chilly (B).
  • Other: The open air is insupportable (B).

MODALITIES: Aggravation of the sufferings by smoking tobacco.

Colchicum autumnale. Meadow Saffron

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): gout and rheumatism – Asthmatic people

Go for it

evincing Respect /.

Wish adieu to

Prostration – coldness.

Effects of hard study.

Dreams of mice.

Dissatisfied with many things.

Desire for rest – Disinclination to much mental exertion.

  • Eyes: Pupils unequal – Watering of the eyes in the open air.
  • Nose: Bleeding of the nose – Excessive sensibility of smell.
  • Stomach: Craving for alcoholic drinks – Suddenly ceasing appetite merely from the sight or smell of food
  • Abdomen: Pain over liver – Pain in transverse colon.
  • Stool: Pains in sphincter ani.
  • Chest: Pressure in small spots in the chest.
  • Heart: The heart-sound weaker, pulse of low tension.
  • Back: Aching.
  • Limbs: Oeadematous and cold legs (poor circulation) – Acute pains during movement – Cannot bear to have heel moved – Heel gout – Big toe inflammation – Real paralysis.
  • Skin: Blotchy face – Urticaria.
  • Sleep: - with violent thirst.
  • Fever: Intermittent.

MODALITIES: Better from walking.

Conium maculatum. Poison Hemlock

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Having tough troubles at life change – Confronting life changes – Old bachelors and similar

Go for it

evincing Remain adjustable throughout

Wish adieu to

Depression – Afraid of being alone – Takes no interest in anything – Unable to sustain any mental effort – Weakened memory – Troubles at life-change – Langour and sudden loss of strength while walking.

Tumour growth – Debility in the morning in bed.


  • Head: Headache – Worse after a meal
  • Eyes: Up to intense photophobia
  • Mouth: Soreness at the root of tongue
  • Respiratory: Failing respiration – Repiration paralysis, at worst
  • Stomach: aggravation a few hours after meals
  • Urine: Much difficulty in voiding
  • Female: Mammae lax – Mammae hard – Enlarged breasts – Painful breasts before menses – Unready conception
  • Respiratory: Sensation of a dry spot in larynx – Expectoration only after long coughing
  • Back: Coccyodynia
  • Perspiration of hands
  • Skin: Flying stitches "through the glands" – Offensive odour

MODALITIES: Better from motion and pressure.

Crataegus oxyacantha. English Hawthorn (Berries)

aimed at AIMED AT a bit giddy ones.

Go for it

evincing Tact.

Wish adieu to

Insomnia with failing compensation – Near collapse – Faintness – Nervous – Dull – Irritable – Giddy

  • Heart problems – Heart valves problems ("faint") – Extreme weakness
  • Anaemia
  • Irregular pulse and breathing
  • Artery deposits
  • Nasal discharges
  • Skin: Sweats much, even profusely

Crocus speciosus. Autumn Crocus

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Insane-looking individuals

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evincing More calmness

Wish adieu to

Often laughs violently virulently (manic-like) – Viviv recollections and looking insane.

  • Tingling
  • Head throbs
  • Nose: Stringy, clotted
  • Respiratory: Cough
  • Extremities: Weak knees and legs – Pain in ankles

Cuprum aceticum. Acetate of Copper

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): A tonic for folks who fear suffocation.

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evincing Bravery – Try out

Wish adieu to

  • Stomach: Diarrhoea
  • Mouth: Paralysis of tongue
  • Abdomen: Intermittent colic
  • Heart: Praecordial anxiety and pain
  • Respiratory: Angina

MODALITIES: Worse from high and high-strung emotions.

Cuprum arsenicosum (= C. arsenitum). Arsenite of Copper

aimed at AIMED AT women with various pregnancy troubles, including pre-eclampsia /

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evincing Normal pregnancy development (against pre-eclampsia and the like) /

Wish adieu to

  • Deficient kidney action
  • Cholera morbus
  • Dysentery
  • Headache – Vertigo
  • Brain edema
  • Pregnancy afflictions (various)
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Skin: Acne – Ulcers – Carbuncles

Cyclamen coum. Sow-bread

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Shirkers and gentle ones

Go for it

evincing Firm conscience

Wish adieu to

Lassitude – Grieves over duty negleced – Weeping depression – Desire to be alone.

  • Affections of uterus (cramps)
  • One-sided headache – Flickering sight
  • Eyes: Convergent strabismus – Disturbance of vision
  • Rectum: Pain about anus and perineum
  • Female: Gush of blood
  • Extremities: Pain
  • Skin: Acne in young women

MODALITIES: Better during menstrual flow, and perhaps also motion in cool weather.

Cypripedium pubescens. Yellow Lady's Slipper

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): The elderly.

Wish adieu to

  • Headaches of elderly people
  • Skin problem (various)


Homoeopathy considers the man as a whole, not just his individual parts. [Dr. H. Roberts]

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