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Badiaga. Fresh-water Sponge

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Basedow's disease.

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evincing Badiaga can help one's inward resistance or "fibre".

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Palpitation after pleasurable emotions — Bad "heart feelings" versus girls and women — Dull.

  • Blue rings under the eyes
  • Respiratory: Feels suffocated — Suffocating cough
  • Eyes: Sore pain in eyeball
  • Respiratory: Typhoid pneumonia — Asthmatic breathing
  • Chest and neck: Stitches
  • Female: Cancer of breast
  • Suppressed chancres

MODALITIES: Much afternoon pain — Worse by cold, better by heat.

Baryta iodata. Iodide of Baryta

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Degeneration.

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evincing Good voice

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  • Leucocytos
  • Aphonic
  • Eyes: dilated pupils
  • Glands: tonsils, mammary glands
  • Tumours

Baryta oxidata. Baryta oxide

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Stupid-appearing — Being mentally retarded.

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  • Low diastolic tension
  • Respiratory: Bronchial affections of old people
  • Heat ascending from the stomack to head
  • Pains and tremours

Belladonna. Deadly Nightshade

aimed at AIMED AT: Convulsive and neuralgic ones — Having flushed face and flushed skin on torso — In an excited state of mind — Vomiting children — Neuralgia, neuralgic pains — Air-sickness — Suddenly oncoming pains of the nervous system

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Furious excitement — Excited mind state — Pain.

No anxiety or fear — Hallucinations — Loss of consciousness — Weak memory.

In a world of his/her own — Perversity, with tears — Hallucinations come to him/her from inside — Frightful images — Seemingly oblivious to surrounding realities.

Very subjective visual impressions — Great sensibility to every impression — Rage.

Changeableness — Very fast talking or disinclination to talk — Inadvertence.

Sudden outcries from headache — Constant moaning — Ill effects of colds — Folly with urges to act impudently.

Hypochondriacal — Highly iritated — Gesticulating.

  • Head: Throbbing and heat — Sudden outcries in pain — Pain worse from lying down — Boring head into pillow
  • Face: Swollen, flushed
  • Eyes: Affections — Sensation as if eyes were half closed
  • Ears: Sensitive to loud tones (irritated too) — Subacute conditions of Eustachian tube
  • Nose: Disordered smell — Tingling in tip of nose
  • Mouth: Dry without thirst
  • Throat: Hypertrophy of mucous membrane
  • Abdomen: Inflammation of the duodenum
  • Stools: Sensitive with backache
  • Urinary: Quite frequent emission of urine
  • Male:: Desire diminished
  • Female: Mastitis pain — Nymphomania
  • Respiratory: Loss of voice — Very painful larynx, with cough — Cough with catarrh — Coughs easily
  • Heart: Violent beatings of the heart — Palpitation from least exertion
  • Extremities: Jerking in the limbs — Quite cold extremities
  • Back: Darting, sharp pains in the bones of the spine — Pain in nape of neck as if it would break
  • Skin: Swollen, sensitive — Indurations after inflammations
  • Sleep: Some convulsive movements — Gritting of teeth
  • General: Tendency to be rather easily chilled

Benzenum. Benzol

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Annoyance and the formation of infarcts — The nervous system and the blood.

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evincing Peace

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Hallucination attacks — Tired and nervous

  • Eyes: Failure to react to bright light
  • Dizzy
  • Nose: fluent coryza
  • Heaviness
  • Symptoms of apoplectic coma

MODALITIES: Possibly worse at night.

Benzoicum acidum. Benzoic Acid

Influence on the nervous system and the blood.

Irregular goings and knots: Wish adieu to them

Annoyance — Hallucinations — Easily duped / — Turns back on helper / — Nervous and tired — Dizzy — Limbs feel heavy

  • Infarcts
  • Epilectiform attacks
  • Eyes: Some striking symptoms - Eyes are failing to react
  • Nose: fluent coryza (mucous)
  • Symptoms of apoplectic coma

Berberis aquifolium. Mountain Grape

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Eczematic affections — It stimulates the glands.

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Great lassitude — Weariness

  • Catarrh
  • Head: Dry eczema and scaly eczema
  • Face: Acne
  • Stomach: Hunger after eating
  • Bladder: Crampy pains
  • Skin: Acne of skin

Berberis vulgaris. Barberry

aimed at AIMED AT: Rheumatic affections, particularly with urinary, haemorrhoidal and menstrual complaints — Urinary problems

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Aversion to darkness — Anxiety, great fear — Objects in the twilight seem larger than they really are

  • Ears: Shooting pains in the interior of the ear
  • Mouth: Pains and shootings in the teeth — Diminished saliva
  • Abdomen: Violent burning under the skin — Sticking deep in ilium
  • Urinary: Pain in the thighs and loins on urinating — Stitches in urethra
  • Male: Burning in prepuce and scrotum — Dragging or lancinating pains in spermatic cord — Neuralgia of spermatic cords
  • Female: Neuralgia of ovaries and vagina
  • Respiratory: Hoarse larynx
  • Back: Stitches, worse from respiration — Lumbago — Frequent urination after feelings of numbness and sharp pain in back
  • Extremities: Intense weariness, and maybe neuralgia too, after walking a short distance — Sensation of lassitude during motion
  • Skin: Eczematous inflammation
  • Sleep: Frequent waking, and fatigue, as from want of sleep

Bismuthum. Precipitated Sub-Nitrate of Bismuth

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Sad or lonely persons desiring company — A sad show.

Wish adieu to

Solitude is unbearable — Discontented

  • Head: Pressure extending to occiput.
  • Mouth: Thirst for cold drinks.
  • Stomach: Vomits — Crampy pain and pyrosis.
  • Limbs: Cramps in hands and feet.
  • Sleep: Voluptuous dreams

Sunrise remedy:Blatta orientalis. Indian Cockroach

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Asthma — Bronchitis — Phthisis — Pus-like mucus — Cough

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evincing Simple talking-to

Wish adieu to

Great weariness

  • Throat: Mucous
  • Respiratory: Asthma — Bronchitis — Phthisis — Pus-like mucus — Cough.

Sunrise remedy:Boricum Acidum. Boracid Acid

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Prickly dangers — Gorgeous females who don't appreciate being eye catchers at large, i.e., blikkfang in Norwegian.

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  • Diabetes 2 (mell.)
  • Urinary: Frequent urging to urinate.
  • Female: Burning (smarting) urination.
  • Skin: Erythema of trunk — Exfoliating dermatitits — Oedema around eyes.

Sunrise remedy:Borax. Borate of Sodium

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Excessively nervous fellows — Diarrhoea — Can be used in the therapeutics of children.

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Anxious expression — Starts and throws up hands — Fear of thunder — Peevish and conform

  • Head: Hair tangles at tips, and "cannot be separated".
  • Face: Suffering expression — Feeling of cobweb on nose and lips.
  • Respiratory: Has to jump and catch breath.
  • Limbs: Feeling as of cobwebs on hands.
  • Skin: Unhealthy skin.
  • Sleep: Cannot sleep on account of heat, especially heat in head — Cries out of sleep.

Bovista. Puff-Ball

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): The skin — Haemorrhages — Eczema — Skin-aligned circulation.

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  • Head: Sensation of head enlargement — Distensive headache — Must scratch scalp till it is sore.
  • Nose: Stringy discharge.
  • Face: Acne due to use of cosmetics — Bleeding of gums.
  • Abdomen: Pain around umbilicus.
  • Respiratory: Feeling of suffocation — Suffocation.
  • Stool: Diarrhoea.
  • Female: Feeling of stricture around waist.
  • Limbs: Weakness of all joints — Drops things from hands.
  • Skin: Eczema — Thick crusts — Pimples — Scurvy — Urticaria.

MODALITIES: Worse from bathing.

Sunrise remedy:Bryonia dioca. Wild Hops

aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Complaints — After cold days — Apathy.

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evincing Few complaints

Wish adieu to

Irritable — Delirium.

Talks of business — Possible apathy

  • Head: Headache — Vertigo from raising the head — Headache in the forehead
  • Eyes: Headache of eyeballs — Pressing, aching pain.
  • Ears: Buzzing.
  • Mouth: Possibly black lips.
  • Throat: Parched throat — Scraped and constricted — Rheumatic swellings and dropsical effusions into serous membranes.
  • Stomach: Nausea when rising up — Thirst for large draughts — Stomach sensitive to touch.
  • Abdomen: Tensive breathing — Tenderness of abdominal walls.
  • Stool: Worse after being heated.
  • Urinary: Scanty urine.
  • Respiratory: Sore — Hoarse — Difficulties in breathing — Stiches in chest — Coming into warm rooms evokes and worsens cough.
  • Back: Stiff back.
  • Limbs: Muscle ache — Stitching pains made worse by motions — Knees swollen — Painful and swollen joints — Painful stitches
  • Skin: Hot and painful — Very greasy hair.
  • Fever: Marked by gastro-hepatic complications.

MODALITIES: Worse in the morning — Better, lying on painful side.


The highest aim of healing is the speedy, gentle, and permanent restitution of health . . . in the shortest, most reliable, and safest manner. [Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in The Organon, par. 2]

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