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Ignatia amara. St. Ignatius Bean

aimed at

AIMED AT (possibly): Hyperaesthesia – Coordination of function is interfered with – Hysteria – Hysterical aphonia – Superficial and erratic symptoms – Results of some old spinal injuries – Excited by cold air – Great sensitiveness to the open air –

Ignatia can/should be tried as a prophylactic against such as unjustified worrying first.

Wish adieu to

Grief – Love of solitude

Disappointment – Disappointed love – Tearful sadness

Dark, rigid and mild disposition – Fright

Some characteristic emotional states: Exaggerated and outlandish - Hysteria sets in

Worrying – Despair of being cured

Fidgety/: anxious to do now this, now that



Ought to be serious, but laughs

Is ill bred/

  • Head: Congestive headache – Headaches – Stinging pain, from within to without in the forehead
  • Eyes: Inflammation of the upper part of the eyeball, the part that is covered by the upper lid
  • Face: Twitching of muscles of face and lips
  • Mouth: Toothache
  • Throat: Sore – Constriction of the gullet
  • Stomach: Relieved by taking a deep breath – Empty retching – Bitter and putrid taste of food, esp. of beer – Hiccouch – Vomiting of food, even at night – Painful sensitiveness of the pit of the stomach to the touch
  • Abdomen: Distended – Stitching up the rectum – Pressure as of a sharp instrument from within outward
  • Stool: Smarting in the rectum during the loose evacuations
  • Urinary: Urgent and irresistible want to make water
  • Male: Aching at the pubis
  • Female: Sexual frigidity – pains in the region of the uterus
  • Respiratory: Catarrh, with coryza and headache – Little mucous – Hoarse dry cough – Cough as from inspired feathery dust – Nervous cough
  • Chest: Breathes slowly – Constriction of the chest
  • Heart: Smarting in precordial region on expiration/
  • Back: Pain in the os sacrum, when lying on the back in the morning
  • Limbs: Trembling of the limbs – Locomotor ataxy – When walking, the knees are involuntarily drawn up – Starting of the limbs on going to sleep
  • Skin: Itching around vagina and mouth
  • Sleep: Jerking of limbs on going to sleep
  • Fever: Not relieved by external heat
  • More: Epileptic convulsions

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