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aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Destructive extroversion. Extroverts who find it needed to glitter and barricade by body means, that is, by muscles or body bulding. The guess is that such persons may suddenly find themselves in deep misfortune without body-building.

OF DEPTHS: Experienced "shit" that manages to appear good-natured to inexperienced ones or substitutes.

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evincing Holding on to one's place after praise as long as it pays, instead of crawling around.

Wish adieu to

Extrovert, but badly, poorly, probably not keenly or excellently - but rather enervating, perhaps even destructively, somehow ▴6.

Tormenting yourself by night-work in private ▴6.

Was no great warrior, no grand Juan-Matos-fighter after all ▴5.

Was a "Satan's minion": was rude, cowardly, stupidly mean and difficult to be with ▴5.

Blubber ▴3.

Looting, stubbornly greedy, yet experienced and talking surly ▴3.


aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): Ennervating misses and uneasiness of being + Is suppressed +

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evincing Realizing that saying wrong things at the wrong time is still wrong ✧ One is to warn against feigned validity that cruelly betrays well-being.

Wish adieu to

In anxious suspense ▴6 ✧ Mistrust ▴5

  • Shut in; wedged in (gr:5) ▴6.

    MODALITIES: Worse after dangeous encounters -

    6-aminohexane acid

    aimed at AIMED AT (possibly): A tough, virile guy and excellent man. While in the bud he may on certain occasions suddenly show off a lot, seemingly without outer cause, perhaps angrily. With time and experience he matures and may get top experienced instead of abused a whole lot, in part undercover.

    BASS OF RELATIONSHIPS: Smiles and grins up to insanely so + To appear good-natured in some wrong direction, saying, "This does not matter to me any more," and similar things.

    Go for it

    evincing Being experienced and expertly straightforward ✧ Retaliate somewhat more.

    Go for becoming well-off ✧ Regain lax "scoundrel" ways, even heartiness.

    Wish adieu to

    Troublesome and reserved fellow, and still not a misfit ▴7

    Says 'cheers' to one's insulters, and this can be followed by great loneliness and a damning laughter ▴5

    Lonely, damning mate and out of breath: 'Be off with you, scoundrel!' etc. ▴4

    Experienced in a jet-set life ▴4

    Demoniacal laughter (e.g. 'boehæhæ') ▴3

    Obsolete characteristics included in "What fools wise folks must be" ▴3

    Wise, but can be called a silly arse ▴2

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