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Krishna as a Pig

THEY SAY god Visnu appears on earth from time to time, and that Krishna was one of his incarnations (body expressions). Here is an old story of Krishna and how he loved being a sow. One day he was walking with one of his disciples near a little village, and notices a sow suckling her piglets. The mother pig talked to her babies, and they were squeaking contentedly. He noticed normal mother love in this, and entered the body of the sow to have that experience for a while. Carefully he dissolved his own figure into the mother pig.


Krishna felt cuter and better for the experience. Months went by, and the disciple began to worry about Krishna and his piglets. He had to ask: "Lord, what are you doing?"

Krishna said, "This is such a sweet experience for someone like me! I don't want to leave."

The disciple, "You can't remain bound like this."

"All right. Grab a spear and drive it right through me, then."

There and then the animal was slaughtered. [Based on On 204-5].

A matter may drag on for a long time, till nobody around sees the essential meaning involved.

Another version as told by Ramakrishna

VISHNU incarnated himself as a sow in order to kill the demon Hiranyaksha. After killing the demon, the sow remained quite happy with her young ones. Forgetting her real nature, she was suckling them very contentedly. The gods in heaven could not persuade Vishnu to relinquish his sow's body and return to the celestial regions. He was absorbed in the happiness of his beast form. After consulting among themselves, the gods sent Siva to the sow.

Shiva asked the sow, "Why have you forgotten yourself?"

Vishnu replied through the sow's body, "Why, I am quite happy here."

Thereupon Shiva destroyed the sow's body with a stroke of his hayfork [read: trident] and Vishnu went back to heaven [- he died, if you will]. [Tas 47]

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Tas: Ramakrishna. Tales and Parables of Sri Ramakrishna. 5th ed. Madras: Ramakrishna Math, 1974.

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