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No Useless Tree

TWO TRAVELLERS, worn out by the heat of the summer's sun, laid themselves down at noon under the wide-spreading branches of a plane-tree. As they rested under its shade, one of the travellers said to the other,

"What a singularly useless tree is the plane! It bears no fruit, and is not of the least service to man."

The plane-tree, interrupting him, said,

"You ungrateful fellows! Do you, while receiving benefits from me and resting under my shade, dare to describe me as useless, and unprofitable?"

Some men underrate their best blessings.

One should support trees - not just forests far away - in our deforestation times.

Strong Mishap

There was an emotional little pig who had lost his power to grunt and who recovered it after his dear own pigsty was put on fire by Satan's angels stealing lightning and thunder. He fled from the building that was burning into heaven. The shock at the sight of flames made him squeal the liberating, "Fire! Fire!" [Squeal it strongly.] He forgot he should be unable to squeal.

Few animals are as intelligent as these.

Strong mishap gave all the emotion needed to conquer his habit of keeping regular silence. This story illustrates the healing power of artistic attention.

It is no good sign if the little pig is made unnatural, no matter what owners and biological tyrants decree among themselves. 20

A little pig's needs are not many:

  1. Healing of bodily diseases.
  2. Healing of mental or psychological diseases such as failure consciousness and unfounded confidence or trust in big farm owners and large animals.
  3. Healing of inbred half-diseases, including contentment with the dire material side of life or of a little pig's own contentment.
  4. Social sides of the little pig's fully intoned life are often ignored. It must not pay in the long run.
  5. All the other facets overlooked by folks.

Stages of Pig Living

  1. The little pig has to thrive. He loves a clean kitchen.
  2. He is capable of learning too.
  3. The third pig life stage is that of becoming a householder pig, and not a "monastic pig" with removed private parts.
  4. The lucky pig lives to enjoy old age.

The Body of the Dear Little Pig in the Dream State

Consciousness is created by the sweet little pig in the dream state. Then he wakes up and eats a lot, he laughs at his illusory dream experiences, but screams and squeels for lack of good food and so on - there are griefs and joys in the waking, eating state.

Perhaps a rainstorm blows up suddenly and the dear pig becomes wet and cold and sheds tears, or he is grief-stricken and feels his heart throb painfully around the garden. Awareness of matter and of consciousness is present in both cases. And all the experiences of little pig's waking state can be duplicated in his dream state of consciousness.

In the dream state a little pig may find himself walking joyously in a lovely garden and then seeing the dead body of a former friend - what went wrong? But slowly he learns the lessons of students: "It's no use in squealing," and in drawing unwelcome attention to himself at any time.

Laws for Material Success

There are low-mind laws, regular-mind laws, and high mind laws for getting success and grow the deep mind. Both earthly and giant pig success should be attained.

  1. Acquire all the first-class cauliflowers and beet roots you can by improving in some way your community or country or the world.
  2. Ambition for beet roots etc., should include a desire to help others, and success should come by adjusting to many material laws.
  3. Never seek much gain by acting against other, major interests.
  4. A good life consists in owning what is needed in life and having a little surplus.
  5. A fertile soil and suitable climate, being surrounded by family and buddies is best, but without them, trying to invest wisely in the right way, at the right time, and so on, is indeed a challenge! 57

Confirmation by power of will

Here is what the little pig never tells himself each night before going to bed:

"With calm and joyous power and firm will I concentrate on my jade mass (medulla oblongata) and on the spot between my eyebrows, and - Charge!"

The dear little pig never repeats it in the morning. And nowhere is heard he adds words of deep wisdom,

"I came here on earth with my siblings, I may have to leave with a flock on a truck to the slaughter-house if the worst or usual should happen! Concentrate! Oh, my large brain, lead me right and help me attain to good pig living. 54

How a Wandering Man's Brain Cells Were Charged

A MAN who was wandering in unknown Indian mountains one afternoon, heard someone calling his name from somewhere higher up. He started to climb in order to find the source of the voice. After walking quite a while he grew tired and saw that the sun was going down, but he kept on walking.

Eventually he came upon a clean cave at the top of the mountain. A tall man was standing there with a joyful smile on his face. Laughing warmly, the man said, "Come and rest here. I was calling you."

Our man followed the other into the cave. Entering, he found some seats for sitting on, water pots, and other items. The other man pointed at a particular part of the cave and asked, "Do you recognize this seat?"

Everything seemed to make less and less sense. Then the other man touched him and gently caressed his head with affection. Suddenly, it seemed to our man that he just woke up from a deep sleep. He saw that this was his own seat! How familiar this cave was! And how familiar was this other man who was standing with him!

Our man saw that at some time earlier he had renounced much and become absorbed in yogi training in this very place. Overwhelmed, he collapsed. Then the other man told him to return to his office downhill. [Link]

I wonder what you can learn from this.

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The pig stories above are lifted over from a yogi's book for guys, and if you read "guy" instead of pig, you get closer to what Yogananda tells, but not completely.

Scf: Yogananda, Paramahansa. Scientific Healing Affirmations. Los Angeles: Self-Realization Fellowship, 1958 (and later).

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