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The Supreme in Darkness Meets the Supreme in Light

Once on a time there was nothing but a solitary sea. In that undisturbed desolation slept the supreme person, lying on the bed that was a serpent. The supreme one had 1,000 heads, 1,000 feet and 1,000 arms. He wore a yellow robe and was large-eyed.

Once during his sleep there arose in play from his navel a pure lotus. It was bright as the morning sun and had a heavenly fragrance.

Brahma approached that place and said, "Tell me who you are, lying hidden here in darkness in this desolate, solitary sea."

The supreme one spoke with a voice that was deep as the rumbling of a cloud. "I am the supreme one in darkness. Who are you?"

Brahma answered, "I am the supreme, bright light, a god creating time. My wife is the goddess. I am one who faces in all directions." He shone forth, brilliant as ten million suns.

(Cf. Dimmitt and van Buitenen 1978, 30-31; 205-6)


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