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Meditation at a Glance - 6
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Question: "Is my ego spread all over the universe or am I deluded?"

An ego, ahankara, I-ness is a part of the Self and not separated from it. [Link] Better be careful and talk sense - maybe:

"Is my ego spread all over the universe or am I not diluted?"

Through contradictions, life may get less rosy and easy. Further, the ahamkara I-sense, egohood, is supposedly an integrated part of the human organism.

The higher mind (also called the mahat, "great one" or "spiritual awareness", or buddhi) is first evolved. Next a deep ego consciousness (ahamkara) is evolved. The ego consciousness is faceted into five gross elements, five subtle (fine) system elements, (etc.). That is part of the Samkhya philosophy. [Link]

Yogananda once said he experienced (felt) himself to be the tip of a cone. The tip was his personal aspects, the depth of the cone God, he told, and "God is all" too. He also used to say, "I killed Yogananda long ago." [◦Killed, yet talking] One more yoga-contradiction.

Bright Light

To clear up a few misgivings . . . Swami Sivananda describes a yoga method of seeing light that is not ordinarily perceived:

Various kinds of lights manifest during meditation . . . [Sivananda. Kundalini Yoga, Chap 4, "Mystic Experience – Visions of Lights"]

The specifics are left out here. Also note that in Nyingma, the Tibetan Buddhism of Padmasamhava and others, 'mind' is a cherished term, and may well contain 'spirit' too.

Moreover, levitation has been reported to happen to lots of people throughout history. [Levitation]

Narada figures in an old, quite drastic Purana story. There he is presented as a destructive swindler. Other works of old hail him, though.

A free soul, a jivamuktas (liberated one) may seem to be mad if so preferred. Many dreams contain material for insights. I think it is regularly (hint). [Link] [Jung on dreams]

First Man knew what he needed to do - There are good stories about it for those who like stories, old and new tales. Different strokes for different folks: In Hindu teachings there is a variety of approaches and methods - the ideal is to select some that suit the person in question.

Powers and Sound Skills

Dean Radin (2013) documents that paranormal powers are real. Also see: [Siddhis]

As you may see, some are enumerated in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, others in Uddhava Gita, and some in Buddhist scriptures.

There are sound skills and other skills, coarse skills and subtle skills: Yogananda told others to seek God; he almost shouted it. That was often unnecessary, as:

Li One who practices kriya sincerely, has to transcend the expectations of results from doing kriya" - Shyama Lahiri [in Satyeswarananda 1992:12].

All the things that you are to do may need to be sorted out.


Meditation counsel, Literature  

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Radin, Dean. Supernormal: Science, Yoga, and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities. New York: Deepak Chopra Books / Crown, 2013.

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Harvesting the hay

Symbols, brackets, signs and text icons explained: (1) Text markers(2) Digesting.

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