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(1) A click over the marigold in the upper, left corner opens the Site Map. (2) A click over the slanted arrow to the left above opens the Portal Page. (3) The headings below are clickable too:

Acclaim ⁓ Encouraging words -

Figurative gold eggs ⁓ How to possibly make it. A Tao-based survey.

For holistic sanity ⁓ by decent strides in fair ways.

Interview about old Tao lore ⁓ About Tao.

Links out ⁓ A few selected links to access.

Norway ⁓ Paintings and information.

NTNU: the host ⁓ The site is at ◦NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

Site description ⁓ Family-oriented, home schooling oriented. Since autumn, 1995. Information about main content, profile, site location, and ownership is here.

Site statistics ⁓ Highlights year by year since the summer of 2006 are supplied by Google Analytics.


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