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Homeopathic Literature

Part One. Miscellaneous

Homeopathy is a rather vast subject. There are many sides to it. Below I have grouped nearly a hundred selected books into groups to make it easier to get to grips with it for those who care. I add some comment to some of the books. The books in the first part can be surveyed on Google Books, and some of the old classics in the next part too, besides those who can be viewed in full on-line.

If you want to buy a book you have read into, try a search on a good search engine and see what the publishers say about it, and see if there are readers' comments on it on, for example. That should be a good approach.

Practice and theory

With homeopathy, practice and theory do not go full well hand in hand, and homeopathy consists, broadly, of practice and theory.

1. Evidence has emerged that homeopathy works in practice. There are studies to confirm that. I focus on gentle self-help and family care here, that is, on simple practice. Step by step the focus is enlarged: In the last sections before the second part there are theory books and more extensive remedy collections.

I should add there are many other books on homeopathy written, and some in German and others in English, for example. A few of my favourite books are by Swiss Adolf Voegeli, but they are not in avaliable in English on Google Books. And below you get only English works, or English translations.

There are many other homeopathy books on Google Books than the chosen ones, but most of those omitted are old and of very little interest to someone like me. I have included a few from the mid-1800s almost as curiosities to show the broad scope of homeopathy already then.

2. Homeopathic theories contain a mishmash of very little valuable claims, I dare say. However, Karin Lenger has documented lately that homeopathic potencies do carry a "load" - or better: charge - that is not physiological and not of energy either - interesting findings that confirm part of the homeopathic practice, and a little of the theory too.

As for several "laws" to encounter in homeopathic theory, they are speculative.

Learning it, possible self-help

The books that follow, are listed alpabetically by author. I for my part enjoyed Puddephatt's Primers when I was learning the principles of homeopathic attempts at cure. I enjoyed other books too, but they are not on the current list of Google Books that may be viewed wholly or in part. And a large amount of books have been written on learning homeopathy since then. Have a look as you like.


Humphreys, Frederick. Humphreys' Homeopathic Mentor. Charleston, SC: BiblioBazaar, LLC, 2009.

Puddephatt, Noel. Homeopathic Correspondence Course: Advanced Level. Pomeroy, WA: Health Research Books, 1996.

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Schmukler, Alan V. Homeopathy: An A to Z Home Handbook. Woodbury, MN: Homeopathy Series / Llewellyn Worldwide, 2006.

Shalts, Edward, and Stephanie Gunning. Easy Homeopathy: The 7 Essential Remedies You Need for Common Illnesses and First Aid. Ill ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2006.

Sollars, David. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Homeopathy.. Ill. ed. New York: Alpha Books /Penguin, 2001.

Wright, Elizabeth. A Brief Study Course in Homoeopathy. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 2004.

Orientations and more

The practice of homeopathy should be put into "responsible frames". There are other sides to complementary practice than it, such as acupuncture, herbal treatment, and much else. In this section you may find famous people who say they have benefitted by homeopathy too.


Everest, Thomas Roupell, and Amos Gerald Hull. A Popular View of Homoeopathy. New York: William Radde, 1842.

Goldberg, Burton, Larry Trivieri, and John W. Anderson, eds. Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide. 2nd ill ed. Berkeley, CA: Celestial Arts, 2002.

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Weiner, Irving B., ed. Handbook of Psychology, Volume 6. Ill ed. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley and Sons, 2003.

Yasgur, Jay. Homeopathic Dictionary. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 2003.

Family help, self-help

After surveying the terrain you may feel ready to help yourself or your family, as the case may be. "Safety first" is a good slogan. Some of the following works will tell you how to go about caring for yourself and others by homeopathic medicine.


Ullman, Robert. Homeopathic Self Care. New Delhi: Pustak Mahal, 1998.

Chernin, Dennis. The Complete Homeopathic Resource for Common Illnesses.Homeopathy Series / Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2006.

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Zand, Janet, Robert Rountree, and Rachel Walton. Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child: A Practical A-to-Z Reference to Natural and Conventional Treatments for Infants and Children. Ill 2nd ed. New York: Avery /Penguin, 2003.

Particular challenges

You soon find that homeopaths claim to help or cure many particular cases, such as special problems of pregnancy, including pre-eclampsia. It is also a fine idea to support people through life's stages, and seek to help psychiatric disorders and other specific maladies.


Epps, John. Domestic Homœopathy: Or, Rules for the Domestic Treatment of the Maladies of Infants, Children, and Adults, and for the Conduct and the Treatment During Pregnancy, Confinement, and Suckling. 3rd ed. Boston: Otis Clapp, 1848.

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Reichenberg-Ullman, Judyth L. Whole Woman Homeopathy: A Safe, Effective, Natural Alternative to Drugs, Hormones and Surgery. Ill ed. Edmonds, WA: Picnic Point Press, 2005.


Pets and other farm animals seem to respond to homeopathic medicine too. You can learn many details of "how to do it" from doctors of medicine below.


Hamilton, Donald. Homeopathic Care for Cats and Dogs: Small Doses for Small Animals. Ill ed. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1999.

Madrewar, B. P. Homeopathic Therapeutics of Veterinary and Repertory. 2nd ed. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 2007.

Pitcairn, Susan Hubble. Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats. 3rd ill rev ed. New York: Rodale, 2005.

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Wolff, H. G. Homeopathy for Your Cat: Remedies for Common Feline Ailments. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2008.


Homeopathy has been used for first-aid for some centuries. It should not shoo needed professional help when that is needed. You may learn a lot from books on emergency care and first-aid here.


Kruzel, Thomas. The Homeopathic Emergency Guide: A Quick Reference Handbook to Effective Homeopathic Care. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1993.

Kruzel, Thomas. The Homoeopathic Emergency Guide. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 2005.

Morgan, Lyle W. Homeopathic Medicine: First-Aid and Emergency Care. Rochester, VT: Inner Traditions / Bear and Company, 1990.

Wauters, Ambika. Homeopathic Medicine Chest. New York: The Crossing Press / Crown, 2000.

Special topics

Some of the books in this section are of particular interest to me who have authored a homeopathic remedy finder - such as the book about emotional healing, and books about partnerships and relationships. A first edition of my remedy finder contained many mental peculiarities and suggested top remedies against them. later the work has been expanded, and some troubles from Oskar Boericke's list of remedies (Repertory) have been included, but sparingly only. Delicate sides to partnerships were a large part of that first edition. Below you find whole books about partnerships and homeopathy, as well as homeopathy in the light of Jungian psychology.


Chappell, Peter. Emotional Healing with Homeopathy: Treating the Effects of Trauma. 2nd ill. ed. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2003.

Cicchetti, Jane. Dreams, Symbols, and Homeopathy: Archetypal Dimensions of Healing. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2003.

Grossinger, Richard. Homeopathy: The Great Riddle. Rev. ill. 2nd ed. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1998.

Lalor, Liz, and Philip Bailey. A Homeopathic Guide to Partnership and Compatibility: Understanding Your Type and Finding Love. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2004.

Rehman, Abdur, ed. Encyclopedia of Remedy Relationships in Homeopathy. 2nd ed. New York: Complementary Medicine Series / Thieme, 2003.

Ullman, Robert. Prozac-Free: Homeopathic Alternatives to Conventional Drug Therapies. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 2002.

Whitmont, Edward C. Psyche and Substance: Essays on Homeopathy in the Light of Jungian Psychology. 3rd rev ed. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1991.

Remedies, lots of remedies

This section contains books that describes homeopathic remedies in good hope and good faith that has evolved from a lot of practice. The book by the Boerickes is a renowned one among homeopaths. I soon came to the conclusion that some remedies are more robust than others (it is repeatedly held by Boericke too, in his remedy descriptions), and set out to single out the top robust ones. Here is a list of about 500 remedies I made out of. I sought to reduce the amount of in part overlapping remedies from many to few to make them far easier to handle. Here are the criteria I went for: Priorities.


Bailey, Philip M. Homeopathic Psychology: Personality Profiles of the Major Constitutional Remedies. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1995.

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When theories get handy, they may give rise to simple practice. "There is nothing so practical as a good theory," is a saying by the psychologist Kurt Lewin (1890-1947) [Smith and Mackie, 2000:11].

Clinical uses of homeopathy are practical uses, maybe in the hands of medical doctors who have added homeopathy to their curriculum. Such specialisation is more common in countries abroad than in Scandinavia.


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Vithoulkas, George. The Science of Homoeopathy. Reprint ed. B. New Delhi: Jain Publishers, 2002.

Theories and wild claims

I find it futile to go into every single speculation and/or delusion of homeopathic "philosophy", and make do with referring thankfully to Dr. Karin Lenger's findings. Carroll's book contains useful information against speculative homeopathy that is cloaked as "philosophy". I recommend Carroll's book, as "Man's got to know his limitations," as Clint Eastwood says as Dirty Harry.


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Subramanian, Raju. Homoeopath Philosophy. New Delhi: B. Jain Publishers, 2003.

Part 2. Classic Homeopathic Books

Many so-called homeopathic classis are from the 1800s. Set-backs came in the first half 1900s. and today homeopathy is gaining more prestige and favour again world-wide, in part through research, and probably most of all through "satisified customers who spread the word". Reprints of many of the books below - if not all of them - may be had from Indian publishers. There are other publishers in other countries too. Some of the books are on-line. The following is a selection.


Herbert A. Roberts, MD. The Principles and Art of Cure by Homoeopathy

Dr. Roberts:

"We believe that homoeopathy has no standing if it cannot be definitely proven that it stands firmly upon the basis of fundamental natural laws."

"It has been our aim ... to set forth the principles underlying the practice of Hahnemannian homoeopahy (so) that they could be grasped ..."

Glen Irving Bidwell, MD. How to use the repertory

Bidwell uses Kent's Repertory (below) as his basis. He presents gist from Samuel Hahnemann's Organon (below) first, as he considers that knowledge essential for the art and practice leading into individualised attention and so on.

William Boericke, MD. Homeopathic Materia Medica

Spoken well of by presumably most homeopaths today.

Oscar E. Boericke, MD. Repertory

This is the second part of the "Boericke and Boericke" text. The author fondles the idea of one repertory,

"It is only by the persistent use of one repertory, that its peculiar and intricate arrangements gradually crystallizes itself in definite outline, in the mind of the student ..., and thus he attains the ready ease and practical insight ..." - Oscar Boericke.

Professor Selden Haines Talcott, AM, MD, Ph.D. Compendium: Mental diseases and their modern treatment

Dr. Talcott selected sixty-six homeopathic remedies for their alleged work on the mind, on mental symptoms.

When the physical ailments of a Materia Medica are left out, you have a list of mental symptoms. Dr. Talcotts remedies are described in many sources.

Oscar Boericke, MD, MD, Ph.D. Mind Repertory (French: Dossier Psychiatrie Mind - Repertoire de Boericke

The mental symptoms of his repertory are given, and with remedies to look into. It's all presented by Dr Robert Séror and well worth a peep.

James Tyler Kent, AM, MD. Lectures on Homoeopathic Materia Medica

Dr. Kent: "Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura, Hering's Guiding Symptoms, and the Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica have been the works that have given the most help in these studies. (...) It is tedious and drudgery at best." - Dr. James T. Kent, in his preface.

James Tyler Kent, MD. Kent's Repertory

"The method of working out a case from generals to particulars is the most satisfactory. (...)

After taking the case according to the lines laid down in the Organon (below, §§ 83-140), write out all the mental symptoms and all symptoms and conditions predicated of the patient himself and search the Repertory for symptoms that correspond to these. (...)

Physicians are requested to send in verified and clinical symptoms." - Dr. Kent in his preface.

James Tyler Kent, MD. What the doctor needs to know in order to make a successful prescription

"Homoeopathy does not treat fever or any other disease in the abstract, but applies medicine to the individual personality in that condition which produces or causes fever. (...)

Certain symptoms are always present in any given disease; these point alone to the name of the disease.

In every given disease there is another class of symptoms peculiar to the individual and differing in some way from those of other cases of the same disease; these symptoms show the individual characteristics of the patient and point unerringly to the curative homoeopathic remedy." - Dr. Kent in his introduction

C.M. Boger, MD. Boenninghausens Characteristics - Materia Mecica

One of the most noteworthy of the early practitioners of Homoeopathy was Clemens Maria Franz, Baron von Boenninghausen. He won fame for good thinking.

Timothy F. Allen, AM, MD. The Encyclopedia of Pure Materia Medica

The professor holds up four ways of getting insight into the effects of homeopathic remedies:

  1. Experiments on healthy individuals for the purpose of noting the affects of the drug [which a potentised remedy evolves from].
  2. Effects observed after poisonous doses (accidentally or maliciously administered).
  3. Symptoms (cautiously admitted) observed in the sick after the administration of the drug.
  4. Symptoms never observed as affects of drug-action [ie chemical action], but repeatedly verified clinically.
"The work is now offered to the profession with the hope that, by its accuracy and completeness, it will advance the healing art". - T.F. Allen in his introduction.

Aldo Farias Dias MD, compiler. Allen's Clinical Hints compiled from T.F. Allen's Handbook

Different homeopath select or prefer remedies differently. They also weigh remedies differently and come up with divergent pinpointings. Have a look at the Allen hints as you like.

Samuel Hahnemann: Organon

The one who started homeopathy wrote in 1810: "The results of my convictions are set forth in this book." He revised them in a sixth edition from ca 1842, a work that unfortunately did not come much to light for a long time.

The fifth and sixth editions are brought together in this volume. It is a historical document.

Samuel Hahnemann. Chronic diseases

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann thought well of his healing system, "Homoeopathy, the great gift of God! (...)

This teaching was founded upon the steadfast pillar of truth and will evermore be so. The attestation of its excellence, yea, of its infallibility (so far as this can be predicated of human affairs), it has laid before the eyes of the world through facts." - Samuel Hahnemann.

Homeopathy books available, END MATTER

Homeopathy books available, LITERATURE  

Smith, Eliot R., and Diane M. Mackie. Social Psychology. 2nd ed. Hove: Psychology Press, 2000.

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