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Animals and Mythical Beings

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Animals and Mythical Beings Animal: (1) A creature that is not a bird, a fish, a reptile, an insect or a human; (2) any living thing that is not a plant or a human; (3) any living creature, including humans. [Oxford Learner's Dictionaries] Some people can't make up their minds . . .



Sleeping cats

"Africa produces elephants . . . But it is India that produces the largest, as well as the dragon, which is perpetually at war with the elephant, and is itself of so enormous a size, as easily to envelope the elephants with its folds, and encircle them in its coils. The contest is equally fatal to both; the elephant, vanquished, falls to the earth, and by its weight, crushes the dragon which is entwined around it."

- Pliny the Elder. The Natural History, Chapter 11, p. 2260.

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