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Rigvedic Hymns
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Rigveda 2:1-43.

1 - Agni

YOU, Agni, shining in your glory through the days, are brought to life from out the waters, from the stone:

From out the forest trees and herbs that grow on ground, you, Sovereign Lord of men are generated pure. (1)

Yours is the herald's task and cleanser's duly timed; Leader are you, and kindler for the pious man.

You are director, you, the ministering priest: you are the Brahman, Lord and Master in our home. (2)

Hero of heroes, Agni! You are Indra, you are Vishnu of the mighty stride, adorable:

You, Brahmanaspati, the Brahman finding wealth: you, sustainer, with your wisdom tend us. (3)

Agni, you are King Varuna whose laws stand fast; as Mitra, wonder-worker, you must be implored.

Aryaman, heroes' Lord, are you, enriching all, and liberal Amsa in the synod, you God. (4)

You give strength, as Tvastar, to the worshipper: you wielding Mitra's power have kinship with the Dames.

You, urging your fleet coursers, give noble steeds: a host of heroes are you with great store of wealth. (5)

Rudra are you, the Asura of mighty heaven: you are the Maruts' host, you are the Lord of food,

You go with red winds: bliss you have in your home. As Pusan you yourself protect worshippers. (6)

Giver of wealth are you to him who honours you; you are God Savitar, granter of precious things.

As Bhaga, Lord of men! you rule over wealth, and guard in his house him who has served you well. (7)

To you, the people's Lord within the house, the folk press forward to their King most graciously inclined.

Lord of the lovely look, all things belong to you: ten, hundred, yea, a thousand are outweighed by you. (8)

Agni, men seek you as a Father with their prayers, win you, bright-formed, to brotherhood with holy act.

You are a Son to him who duly worships you, and as a trusty friend you guard from attack. (9)

A Rbhu are you, Agni, near to be adored you are the Sovereign Lord of foodful spoil and wealth.

You shine brightly forth, you burn to bestow: pervading sacrifice, you lend us your help. (10)

You, God, are Aditi to him who offers gifts: you, Hotri, Bharati, are strengthened by the song.

You are the hundred-wintered Ila to give strength, Lord of Wealth! Vritra-slayer and Sarasvati. (11)

You, Agni, cherished well, are highest vital power; in your delightful hue are glories visible.

You are the lofty might that furthers each design: you are wealth manifold, diffused on every side. (12)

You, Agni, have the Adityas taken as their mouth; the Bright Ones have made you, Sage, to be their tongue.

They who love offerings cling to you at solemn rites: by you the gods devour the duly offered food. (13)

By you, Agni, all the immortal guileless gods eat with your mouth the oblation that is offered them.

By you mortal men give sweetness to their drink. Bright are you born, the embryo of the plants of earth. (14)

With these you are united, Agni; yea you, god of noble birth, surpass them in majesty,

Which, through the power of good, here spreads abroad from you, diffused through both the worlds, throughout the earth and heaven. (15)

The princely worshippers who send to those who sing your praise, Agni, guerdon graced with kine and steeds,-

Lead both these and us forward to higher bliss. With brave men in the assembly may we speak aloud.

2 - Agni

WITH sacrifice exalt Agni who knows all life; worship him with oblation and the song of praise,

Well kindled, nobly fed; heaven's Lord, celestial priest, who labours at the pole where deeds of might are done. (1)

At night and morning, Agni, have they called to you, like milch-kine in their stalls lowing to meet their young.

As messenger of heaven you lightest all night long the families of men. You Lord of precious boons. (2)

Him have the gods established at the region's base, doer of wondrous deeds, Herald of heaven and earth;

Like a most famous car, Agni the purely bright, like Mitra. to be glorified among the folk. (3)

Him have they set in his own dwelling, in the vault, like the Moon waxing, fulgent, in the realm of air.

Bird of the firmament, observant with his eyes, guard of the place as it were, looking to gods and men. (4)

May he as priest encompass all the sacrifice. men throng to him with offerings and with hymns of praise.

Raging with jaws of gold among the growing plants, like heaven with all the stars, he quickens earth and sky. (5)

Such as you are, brilliantly kindled for our weal, a liberal giver, send us riches in your shine,

For our advantage, Agni, God, bring Heaven and Earth here that they may taste oblation brought by man. (6)

Agni, give us great wealth, give riches thousandfold. unclose to us, like doors, strength that shall bring renown.

Make Heaven and Earth propitious through the power of prayer, and like the sky's bright sheen let mornings beam on us. (7)

Enkindled night by night at every morning's dawn, may he shine forth with red flame like the realm of light,-

Agni adored in beauteous rites with lauds of men, fair guest of living man and King of all our folk. (8)

Song chanted by us men, Agni, Ancient One, has swelled to the deathless gods in lofty heaven-

A milch-cow yielding to the singer in the rites wealth manifold, in hundreds, even as he wills. (9)

Agni, may we show forth our valour with the steed or with the power of prayer beyond all other men;

And over the Five Races let our glory shine high like the realm of light and unsurpassable. (10)

Such, Conqueror! be to us, be worthy of our praise, you for whom princes nobly born exert themselves;

Whose sacrifice the strong seek, Agni, when it shines for never-failing offspring in your own abode. (11)

Knower of all that lives, Agni may we both, singers of praise and chiefs, be in your keeping still.

Help us to wealth exceeding good and glorious, abundant, rich in children and their progeny. (12)

The princely worshippers who send to those who sing your praise, Agni, guerdon, graced with kine and steeds,-

Lead you both these and us forward to higher bliss. With brave men in the assembly may we speak aloud.

3 - Apris

Agni is set upon the earth well kindled; he standeth in the presence of all beings.

Wise, ancient, God, the priest and Purifier, let Agni serve the gods for he is worthy. (1)

May Narasamsa lighting up the chambers, bright in his majesty through threefold heaven,

Steeping the gift with oil diffusing purpose, bedew the gods at chiefest time of worship. (2)

Adored in heart, as is your right, Agni, serve the gods first today before the mortal.

Bring you the Marut host. You men do worship to Indra seated on the grass, eternal. (3)

Grass divine, increasing, rich in heroes, strewn for wealth' sake, well laid upon this altar,-

On this bedewed with oil sit you, Vasus, sit all you gods, you Holy, you Adityas. (4)

Wide be the Doors, the goddesses, thrown open, easy to pass, invoked, through adorations,

Let them unfold, expansive, everlasting, that sanctify the class famed, rich in heroes. (5)

Good work for us, the glorious Night and Morning, like female weavers, waxen from aforetime,

Yielders of rich milk, interweave in concert the long-extended thread, the web of worship. (6)

Let the two heavenly Heralds, first, most wise, most fair, present oblation duly with the sacred verse,

Worshipping God at ordered seasons decking them at three high places at the centre of the earth. (7)

Sarasvati who perfects our devotion, Ila divine, Bharati all surpassing,-

Three Goddesses, with power inherent, seated, protect this holy Grass, our flawless refuge! (8)

Born is the pious hero swift of hearing, like gold in hue, well formed, and full of vigour.

May Tvastar lengthen our line and kindred, and may they reach the place which gods inhabit. (9)

Vanaspati shall stand anear and start us, and Agni with his arts prepare oblation.

Let the skilled heavenly Immolator forward to the gods the offering thrice anointed. (10)

Oil has been mixt: oil is his habitation. In oil he rests: oil is his proper province.

Come as your wont is: you Steer, rejoice you; bear off the oblation duly consecrated.

4 - Agni

For you I call theglorious refulgent Agni, the guest of men, rich in oblations

Whom all must strive to win even as a lover, God among godly people, Jatavedas. (1)

Bhrigus who served him in the home of waters set him of old in houses of the living.

Over all worlds let Agni be the Sovran, the messenger of gods with rapid coursers. (2)

Among the tribes of men the gods placed Agni as a dear friend when they would dwell among them.

Against the longing nights may he shine brightly, and show the offerer in the house his vigour. (3)

Sweet is his growth as of one's own possessions; his look when rushing fain to burn is lovely.

He darts his tongue forth, like a harnessed courser who shakes his flowing tail, among the bushes. (4)

Since they who honour me have praised my greatness,-he gave, as it were, his hue to those who love him.

Known is he by his bright delightful splendour, and waxing old renews his youth forever. (5)

Like one athirst, he lighteth up the forests; like water down the chariot ways he roareth.

On his black path he shines in burning beauty, marked as it were the heaven that smiles through vapour. (6)

Around, consuming the broad earth, he wanders, free roaming like an ox without a herdsman,-

Agni refulgent, burning up the bushes, with blackened lines, as though the earth he seasoned. (7)

I, in remembrance of yours ancient favour have sung my hymn in this our third assembly.

Agni, give us wealth with store of heroes and mighty strength in food and noble offspring. (8)

May the Grtsamadas, serving in secret, through you, Agni, overcome their neighbours,

Rich in good heroes and subduing foemen. That vital power give you to chiefs and singers.

5 - Agni

HERALD and teacher was he born, a guardian for our patrons' help,

Earner by rites of noble wealth. That Strong One may we grasp and guide; (1)

In whom, Leader of sacrifice, the seven reins, far extended, meet;

Who furthers, man-like, eighth in place, as Cleanser, all the work divine. (2)

When swift he follows this behest, bird-like he chants the holy prayers.

He holds all knowledge in his grasp even as the felly rounds the wheel. (3)

Together with pure mental power, pure, as Director, was he born.

Skilled in his own unchanging laws he waxes like the growing boughs. (4)

Clothing thern in his hues, the kine of him the Leader wait on him.

Is he not better than the Three, the Sisters who have come to us? (5)

When, laden with the holy oil, the Sitster (sic) by the Mother stands,

The priest delights in their approach, as corn at coming of the rain. (6)

For his support let him perform as ministrant his priestly task;

Yea, song of praise and sacrifice: we have bestowed, let us obtain. (7)

That so this man well skilled, may pay worship to all the Holy Ones.

And, Agni, this our sacrifice which wehave here prepared, to you.

6 - Agni

Agni, accept this flaming brand, this waiting with my prayer on you:

Hear graciously these songs of praise. (1)

With this hymn let us honour you, seeker of horses, Son of Strength,

With this fair hymn, you nobly born. (2)

As such, lover of song, with songs, wealth-lover, giver of our wealth!

With reverence let us worship you. (3)

Be you for us a liberal Prince, giver and Lord of precious things.

Drive those who hate us far away. (4)

Such as you are, give rain from heaven, give strength which no man may resist:

Give food exceeding plentiful. (5)

To him who lauds you, craving help, most youthful envoy! through our song,

Most holy Herald! come nigh. (6)

Between both races, Agni, Sage, well skilled you pass to and fro,

As envoy friendly to mankind. (7)

Befriend us you as knowing all. Sage, duly worship you the gods,

And seat you on this sacred grass.

7 - Agni

VASU, you most youthful God, Bharata, Agni, bring us wealth,

Excellent, splendid, much-desired. (1)

Let no malignity prevail against us, either God's or man's.

Save us from this and enmity. (2)

So through your favour may we force through all our enemies a way,

As it were through streaming water-floods. (3)

You, Purifier Agni, high shinest forth, bright, adorable,

When worshipped with the sacred oil. (4)

Ours are you, Agni, Bharata, honoured by us with barren cows,

With bullocks and with kine in calf (5)

Wood-fed, bedewed with sacred oil, ancient, Invoker, excellent,

The Son of Strength, the Wonderful.

8 - Agni

Now praise, as one who strives for strength, the harnessing of Agni's car,

The liberal, the most splendid One; (1)

Who, guiding worshippers aright, withers, untouched by age, the foe:

When worshipped fair to look upon; (2)

Who for his glory is extolled at eve and morning in our homes,

Whose statute is inviolate; (3)

Who shines refulgent like the Sun, with brilliance and with fiery flame,

Decked with imperishable sheen. (4)

Him Atri, Agni, have our songs Strengthened according to his sway:

All glories has he made his own. (5)

May we with Agni's, Indra's help, with Soma's, yea, of all the gods,

Uninjured dwell together still, and conquer those who fight with us.

9 - Agni

ACCUSTOMED to the Herald's place, the Herald has seated him, bright, splendid, passing mighty,

Whose foresight keeps the Law from violation, excellent, pure-tongued, bringing thousands, Agni. (1)

Envoy are you, protector from the foeman, strong God, you leadest us to higher blessings.

Refulgent, be an ever-heedful keeper, Agni, for us and for our seed offspring. (2)

May we adore you in your loftiest birthplace, and, with our praises, in your lower station.

The place whence you issued forth I worship: to you well kindled have they paid oblations. (3)

Agni, best priest, pay worship with oblation; quickly commend the gift to be presented;

For you are Lord of gathered wealth and treasure. of the bright song of praise you are inventor. (4)

The twofold opulence, Wonder-Worker, of you new-born each day never decreases.

Enrich with food the man who lauds you, Agni: make him the lord of wealth with noble offspring. (5)

May he, benevolent with this fair aspect, best sacrificer, bring the gods to bless us.

Sure guardian, our protector from the foemen, shine, Agni, with your affluence and splendour.

10 - Agni

1.Agni, first, loudly calling, like a Father, kindled by man upon the seat of worship.

Clothed in his glory, deathless, keen of insight, must be adorned by all, the Strong, the Famous. (1)

May Agni the resplendent hear my calling through all my songs, immortal, keen of insight.

Dark steeds or ruddy draw his car, or carried in sundry ways he makes them red of colour. (2)

On wood supine they got the well-formed Infant: a germ in various-fashioned plants was Agni;

And in the night, not compassed round by darkness, he dwells exceeding wise, with rays of splendour. (3)

With oil and sacred gifts I sprinkle Agni who makes his home in front of all things living,

Broad, vast, through vital power over all expanded, conspicuous, strong with all the food that feeds him. (4)

I pour to him who looks in all directions: may he accept it with a friendly spirit.

Agni with bridegroom's grace and lovely colour may not be touched when all his form is fury. (5)

By choice victorious, recognize your portion: with you for envoy may we speak like Manu.

Obtaining wealth, I call on perfect Agni who with an eloquent tongue dispenses sweetness.

11 - Indra

HEAR my call, Indra; be not heedless: yours may we be for you to give us treasures;

For these presented viands, seeking riches, increase your strength like streams of water flowing. (1)

Floods great and many, compassed by the Dragon, you bade swell and set free, hero.

Strengthened by songs of praise you rent piecemeal the Dasa, him who deemed himself immortal. (2)

For, hero, in the lauds wherein you joyed, in hymns of praise, Indra, songs of Rudras,

These streams in which is your delight approach you, even as the brilliant ones draw near to Vayu. (3)

We who add strength to your own splendid vigour, laying within your arms the splendid thunder.

With us may you, Indra, waxen splendid, with Surya overcome the Dasa races. (4)

Hero, you slew in your valour Ahi concealed in depths, mysterious, great enchanter,

Dwelling enveloped deep within the waters, him who checked heaven and stayed the floods from flowing. (5)

Indra, we laud your great deeds wrought aforetime, we laud your exploits later of achievement;

We laud the bolt that in your arms lies eager; we laud your two bay steeds, heralds of Surya. (6)

Indra, your bay steeds showing forth their vigour have sent a loud cry out that drops fatness.

The earth has spread herself in all her fulness: the cloud that was about to move has rested. (7)

Down, never ceasing, has the rain-cloud settled: bellowing, it has wandered with the Mothers.

Swelling the roar in the far distant limits, they have spread wide the blast sent forth by Indra. (8)

Indra has hurled down the magician Vritra who lay beleaguering the mighty river.

Then both the heaven and earth trembled in terror at the strong hero's thunder when he bellowed. (9)

Loud roared the mighty hero's bolt of thunder, when he, the friend of man, burnt up the monster,

And, having drunk his fill of flowing Soma, baffled the guileful Danava's devices. (10)

Drink you, hero Indra, drink the soma; let the joy-giving juices make you joyful.

They, filling both your flanks, shall swell your vigour. The juice that satisfies has helped Indra. (11)

Singers have we become with you, Indra: may we serve duly and prepare devotion.

Seeking your help we meditate your praises: may we at once enjoy your gift of riches. (12)

May we be your, such by your help, Indra, as swell your vigour while they seek your favour.

Give us, you God, the riches that we long for, most powerful, with stare of noble children. (13)

Give us a friend, give us an habitation; Indra, give us the company of Maruts,

And those whose minds accord with theirs, the Vayus, who drink the first libation of the soma. (14)

Let those enjoy in whom you are delighted. Indra, drink Soma for your strength and gladness.

You have exalted us to heaven, Preserver, in battles, through the lofty hymns that praise you. (15)

Great, verily, are they, you Protector, who by their songs of praise have won the blessing.

They who strew sacred grass to be your dwelling, helped by you have got them strength, Indra. (16)

Upon the great Trikadruka days, hero, rejoicing you, Indra, drink the soma.

Come with bay steeds to drink of libation, shaking the drops from out your beard, contented. (17)

Hero, assume the might wherewith you clavest Vritra piecemeal, the Danava Aurnavabha.

You have disclosed the light to light the Arya: on your left hand, Indra, sank the Dasyu. (18)

May we gain wealth, subduing with your succour and with the Arya, all our foes, the Dasyus.

Our gain was that to Trta of our party you gavest up Tvastar's son Visvarupa. (19)

He cast down Arbuda what time his vigour was strengthened by libations poured by Trta.

Indra sent forth his whirling wheel like Surya, and aided by the Angirases rent Vala. (20)

Now let that wealthy Cow of yours, Indra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with brave men, in the assembly.

12 - Indra

HE who, just born, chief god of lofty spirit by power and might became the gods' protector,

Before whose breath through greatness of his valour the two worlds trembled, He, men, is Indra. (1)

He who fixed fast and firm the earth that staggered, and set at rest the agitated mountains,

Who measured out the air's wide middle region and gave the heaven support, He, men, is Indra. (2)

Who slew the Dragon, freed the Seven Rivers, and drove the kine forth from the cave of Vala,

Begat the fire between two stones, the spoiler in warriors' battle, He, men, is Indra. (3)

By whom this universe was made to tremble, who chased away the humbled brood of demons,

Who, like a gambler gathering his winnings seized the foe's riches, He, men, is Indra. (4)

Of whom, the Terrible, they ask, Where is He? or verily they say of him, He is not.

He sweeps away, like birds, the foe's possessions. Have faith in him, for He, men, is Indra. (5)

Stirrer to action of the poor and lowly, of priest, of suppliant who sings his praises;

Who, fair-faced, favours him who presses Soma with stones made ready, He, men, is Indra. (6)

He under whose supreme control are horses, all chariots, and the villages, and cattle;

He who gave being to the Sun and Morning, who leads the waters, He, men, is Indra. (7)

To whom two armies cry in close encounter, both enemies, the stronger and the weaker;

Whom two invoke upon one chariot mounted, each for himself, He, you men, is Indra. (8)

Without whose help our people never conquer; whom, battling, they invoke to give them succour;

He of whom all this world is but the copy, who shakes things moveless, He, men, is Indra. (9)

He who has smitten, before they knew their danger, with his hurled weapon many grievous sinners;

Who pardons not his boldness who provokes him, who slays the Dasyti, He, men, is Indra. (10)

He who discovered in the fortieth autumn Sambara as he dwelt among the mountains;

Who slew the Dragon putting forth his vigour, the demon lying there, He, men, is Indra. (11)

Who with seven guiding reins, the Bull, the Mighty, set free the Seven great Floods to flow at pleasure;

Who, thunder-armed, rent Rauhina in pieces when scaling heaven, He, you men, is Indra. (12)

Even the Heaven and Earth bow down before him, before his very breath the mountains tremble.

Known as the soma-drinker, armed with thunder, who wields the bolt, He, you men, is Indra. (13)

Who aids with favour him who pours the soma and him who brews it, sacrificer, singer.

Whom prayer exalts, and pouring forth of soma, and this our gift, He, you men, Is Indra. (14)

You verily art fierce and true who sendest strength to the man who brews and pours libation.

So may we evermore, your friends, Indra, speak loudly to the synod with our heroes.

13 - Indra

The Season was the parent, and when born from there it entered rapidly the floods wherein it grows.

Thence was it full of sap, streaming with milky juice: the milk of the plant's stalk is chief and meet for lauds. (1)

They come trooping together bearing milk to him, and bring him sustenance who gives support to all.

The way is common for the downward streams to flow. You who did these things first art worthy of our lauds. (2)

One priest announces what the institutor gives: one, altering the forms, zealously plies his task,

The third corrects the imperfections left by each. You who did these things first art worthy of our lauds. (3)

Dealing out food to their people there they sit, like wealth to him who comes, more than the back can bear.

Greedily with his teeth he eats the master's food. You who did these things first art worthy of our lauds. (4)

You have created earth to look upon the sky: you, slaying Ahi, settest free the river's paths.

You, such, a God, the gods have quickened with their lauds, even as a steed with waters: meet for praise are you. (5)

You give increase, you dealest to us our food: you milkest from the moist the dry, the rich in sweets.

You by the worshipper layest your precious store: you are sole Lord of all. Meet for our praise are you. (6)

You who have spread abroad the streams by stablished law, and in the field the plants that blossom and bear seed;

You who have made the matchless lightnings of the sky,-vast, compassing vast realms, meet for our praise are you. (7)

Who brought Narmara with all his wealth, for sake of food, to slay him that the fiends might be destroyed,

Brought the face unclouded of the strengthening one, performing much even now, worthy are you of praise. (8)

You boundest up the Dasa's hundred friends and ten, when, at one's hearing, you belp your worshipper.

You for Dabhiti boundest Dasyus not with cords; You were a mighty help. Worthy of lauds are you. (9)

All banks of rivers yielded to his manly might; to him they gave, to him, the Strong, gave up their wealth.

The six directions have you fixed, a five-fold view: your victories reached afar. Worthy of lauds are you. (10)

Meet for high praise, hero, is your power, that with your single wisdom you obtainest wealth,

The life-support of conquering Jatusthira. Indra, for all your deeds, worthy of lauds are you. (11)

You for Turviti held still the flowing floods, the river-stream for Vayya easily to pass

Raised the outcast from the depths, and gave fame to the halt and blind. Worthy of lauds are you. (12)

Prepare yourself to grant us that great bounty, Vasu, for abundant is your treasure.

Snatch up the wonderful, Indra, daily. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

14 - Indra

MINISTERS, bring the soma juice for Indra, pour forth the gladdening liquor with the beakers.logeth ever

To drink of this the hero offer it to the Bull, for this he willeth. (1)

You ministers, to him who with the lightning smote, like a tree, the rain-withholding Vritra.

Bring it to him, him who is fain to taste it, a draught of this which Indra here deserveth. (2)

You ministers, to him who smote Drhhikas who drove the kine forth, and discovered Vala,

Offer this draught, like Vita in the region: clothe him with Soma even as steeds with trappings. (3)

Him who did Urana to death, Adhvaryus! though showing arms ninety-and-nine in number;

Who cast down headlong Arbuda and slew him,-speed you that Indra to our offered Soma. (4)

You ministers, to him who struck down Svasna, and did to death Vyamsa and greedy Susna,

And Rudhikras and Namuci and Pipru,- to him, to Indra, pour you forth libation. (5)

You ministers, to him who as with thunder demolished Sambara's hundred ancient castles;

Who cast down Varcin's sons, a hundred thousand,-to him, to Indra, offer you the soma. (6)

You ministers, to him who slew a hundred thousand, and cast them down upon earth's bosom;

Who quelled the valiant men of Atithigva, Kutsa, and Ayu,-bring to him the soma. (7)

Ministers, men, whatever thing you long for obtain you quickly bringing gifts to Indra.

Bring to the Glorious One what bands have cleansed; to Indra bring, you pious ones, the soma. (8)

Do you, ministers, obey his order: that purified in wood, in wood uplift you.

Well pleased he longs for what your hands have tended: offer the gladdening soma juice to Indra. (9)

As the cow's udder teems with milk, Adhvaryus, so fill with Soma Indra, liberal giver.

I know him: I am sure of this, the Holy knows that I fain would give to him more largely. (10)

Him, ministers, the Lord of heavenly treasure and all terrestrial wealth that earth possesses,

Him, Indra, fill with Soma as a garner is filled with barley full: be this your labour. (11)

Prepare yourself to grant us that great booty, Vasu, for abundant is your treasure.

Gather up wondrous wealth, Indra, daily. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

15 - Indra

Now, verily, will I declare the exploits, mighty and true, of him the True and Mighty.

In the Trikadrukas he drank the soma then in its rapture Indra slew the Dragon. (1)

High heaven unsupported in space he stablished: he filled the two worlds and the air's mid- region.

Earth he upheld, and gave it wide expansion. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (2)

From front, as it were a house, he ruled and measured; pierced with his bolt the fountains of the rivers,

And made them flow at ease by paths far-reaching, These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (3)

Compassing those who bore away Dabhiti, in kindled fire he burnt up all their weapons.

And made him rich with kine and cars and horses. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (4)

The mighty roaring flood he stayed from flowing, and carried those who swam not safely over.

They having crossed the stream attained to riches. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (5)

With mighty power he made the stream flow upward, crushed with his thunderbolt the car of Ushas,

Rending her slow steeds with his rapid coursers. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (6)

Knowing the place wherein the maids were hiding, the outcast showed himself and stood before them.

The cripple stood erect, the blind beheld them. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (7)

Praised by the Angirases he slaughtered Vala, and burst apart the bulwarks of the mountain.

He tore away their deftly-built defences. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (8)

You, with sleep whelming Cumuri and Dhuni, slew the Dasyu, keptest safe Dabhiti.

There the staff-bearer found the golden treasure. These things did Indra in the soma's rapture. (9)

Now let that wealthy Cow of yours, Indra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with brave men, in assembly.

16 - Indra

To him, your own, the best among the good, I bring eulogy, like oblation in the kindled fire.

We invocate for help Indra untouched by eld, who makes all decay, strengthened, forever young. (1)

Without whom naught exists, Indra the Lofty One; in whom alone all powers heroic are combined.

The soma is within him, in his frame vast strength, the thunder in his hand and wisdom in his head. (2)

Not by both worlds is your own power to be surpassed, nor may your car be stayed by mountains or by seas.

None cometh near, Indra, to your thunderbolt, when with swift steeds you fliest over many a league. (3)

For all men bring their will to him the Resolute, to him the Holy One, to him the Strong they cleave.

Pay worship with oblation, strong and passing wise. Drink you the soma, Indra, through the mighty blaze. (4)

The vessel of the strong flows forth, the flood of meath, to the Strong who feeds upon the strong, for drink,

Strong are the two Adhvaryus, strong are both the stones. They press the soma that is strong for him the Strong. (5)

Strong is your thunderbolt, yea, and your car is strong; strong are your bay steeds and your weapons powerful.

You, Indra, Bull, are Lord of the strong gladdening drink. with the strong Soma, Indra, satisfy yourself. (6)

I, bold by prayer, come near you in your sacred rites, you like a saving ship, you shouting in the war.

Verily he will hear and mark this word of ours: we will pour Indra forth as it were a spring of wealth. (7)

Turn you to us before calamity come nigh, as a cow full of pasture turns her to her calf.

Lord of a Hundred Powers, may we once firmly cling to your fair favours even as husbands to their wives. (8)

Now let that wealthy Cow of yours, Indra, yield in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

17 - Indra

LIKE the Angirases, sing this new song forth to him, for, as in ancient days, his mighty powers are shown,

When in the rapture of the soma he unclosed with strength the solid firm-shut stables of the kine. (1)

Let him be even that God who, for the earliest draught measuring out his power, increased his majesty;

Hero who fortified his body in the wars, and through his greatness set the heaven upon his head. (2)

You didst perform your first great deed of hero might what time you showedst power, through prayer, before this folk.

Hurled down by you the car-borne Lord of Tawny steeds, the congregated swift ones fled in sundry ways. (3)

He made himself by might Lord of all living things, and strong in vital power waxed great above them all.

He, borne on high, overspread with light the heaven and earth, and, sewing up the turbid darkness, closed it in. (4)

He with his might made firm the forward-bending hills, the downward rushing of the waters he ordained.

Fast he upheld the earth that nourisheth all life, and stayed the heaven from falling by his wondrous skill. (5)

Fit for the grasping of his arms is what the Sire has fabricated from all kind of precious wealth.

The thunderbolt, wherewith, loud-roaring, he smote down, and striking him to death laid Krivi on the earth. (6)

As she who in her parents' house is growing old, I pray to you as Bhaga from the seat of all.

Grant knowledge, mete it out and bring it to us here: give us the share wherewith you make people glad. (7)

May we invoke you as a liberal giver you give us, Indra, strength and labours.

Help us with manifold assistance, Indra: Migthy One, Indra, make us yet more wealthy. (8)

Now may that weaithy Cow of yours, Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

18 - Indra

The rich new car has been equipped at morning; four yokes it has, three whips, seven reins to guide it:

Ten-sided, friendly to mankind, light-winner, that must be urged to speed with prayers and wishes. (1)

This is prepared for him the first, the second, and the third time: he is man's priest and Herald.

Others get offspring of another parent he goes, as a noble Bull, with others. (2)

To Indra's car the bay steeds have I harnessed, that new well-spoken words may bring him here.

Here let not other worshippers detain you, for among us are many holy singers. (3)

Indra, come over here with two bay coursers, come with four, with six when invocated.

Come with eight, with ten, to drink the soma. Here is the juice, brave Warrior: do not scorn it. (4)

Indra, come here having harnessed your car with twenty, thirty, forty horses.

Come with fifty well trained coursers, Indra, sixty or seventy, to drink the soma. (5)

Come to us hitherward, Indra, carried by eighty, ninety, or an hundred horses.

This soma juice among the Sunahotras has been poured out, in love, to glad you, Indra. (6)

To this my prayer, Indra, come here: bind to your car's pole all your two bay coursers.

You are to be invoked in many places hero, rejoice yourself in this libation. (7)

Never be my love from Indra disunited still may his liberal Milch-cow yield us treasure.

So may we under his supreme protection, safe in his arms, succeed in each forth-going. (8)

Now may that wealthy Cow Of yours, Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

19 - Indra

DRAUGHTS of this sweet juice have been drunk for rapture, of the wise Soma-presser's offered dainty,

Wherein, grown mighty in the days aforetime, Indra has found delight, and men who worship. (1)

Cheered by this meath Indra, whose hand wields thunder, rent piecemeal Ahi who barred up the waters,

So that the quickening currents of the rivers flowed forth like birds to their resting-places. (2)

Indra, this Mighty One, the Dragon's slayer, sent forth the flood of waters to the ocean.

He gave the Sun his life, he found the cattle, and with the night the works of days completed. (3)

To him who worship has Indra given many and matchless gifts. He slayeth Vritra.

Straight was he to be sought with supplications by men who struggled to obtain the sunlight. (4)

To him who poured him gifts he gave up Surya,-Indra, the god, the Mighty, to the mortal;

For Etasa with worship brought him riches that keep distress afar, as it were his portion. (5)

Once to the driver of his chariot, Kutsa, he gave up greedy Surya, plague of harvest;

And Indra, for the sake of Divodasa demolished Sambara's nine-and-ninety castles. (6)

So have we brought our hymn to you, Indra, strengthening you and fain ourselves for glory.

May we with best endeavours gain this friendship, and mayst you bend the godless scorner's weapons. (7)

Thus the Grtsamadas for you, hero, have wrought their hymn and task as seeking favour.

May they who worship you afresh, Indra, gain food and strength, bliss, and a happy dwelling. (8)

Now may that wealthy Cow of yours, Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds you,

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

20 - Indra

As one brings forth his car when fain for combat, so bring we power to you- regard us, Indra-

Well skilled in song, thoughtful in spirit, seeking great bliss from one like you amid the heroes. (1)

Indra, you are our own with your protection, a guardian near to men who love you truly,

Active are you, the liberal man's defender, his who draws near to you with right devotion. (2)

May Indra, called with solemn invocations. the young, the friend, be men's auspicious keeper,

One who will further with his aid the singer, the toiler, praiser, dresser of oblations. (3)

With laud and song let me extol that Indra in whom of old men prospered and were mighty.

May he, implored, fulfil the prayer for plenty of him who worships, of the living mortal. (4)

He, Indra whom the Angirases' praise delighted, strengthened their prayer and made their goings prosper.

Stealing away the mornings with the sunlight, he, lauded, crushed even Asna's ancient powers. (5)

He verily, the god, the glorious Indra, has raised him up for man, best Wonder- Worker.

He, self-reliant, mighty and triumphant, brought low the dear head of the wicked Dasa. (6)

Indra the Vritra-slayer, fort-destroyer, scattered the Dasa hosts who dwelt in darkness.

For men has he created earth and waters, and ever helped the prayer of him who worships. (7)

To him in might the gods have ever yielded, to Indra in the tumult of thebattle.

When in his arms they laid the bolt, he slaughtered the Dasyus and cast down their forts of iron. (8)

Now may that wealthy Cow of yours, Indra, give in return a boon to him who lauds you.

Give to your praisers: let not fortune fail us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

21 -

To him the Lord of all, the Lord of wealth, of light; him who is Lord forever, Lord of men and tilth,

Him who is Lord of horses, Lord of kine, of floods, to Indra, to the Holy bring sweet soma juice. (1)

To him the potent One, who conquers and breaks down, the Victor never vanquished who disposes all,

The migtty-voiced, the rider, unassailable, to Indra everconquering speak your reverent prayer. (2)

Still Victor, loved by mortals, ruler over men, overthrower, warrior, he has waxen as he would;

Host-gatherer, triumphant, honoured mid the folk. Indra's heroic deeds will I tell forth to all. (3)

The strong who never yields, who slew the furious fiend, the deep, the vast, of wisdom unattainable;

Who speeds the good, the breaker-down, the firm, the vast,-Indra whose rites bring joy has made the light of Dawn. (4)

By sacrifice the yearning sages sending forth their songs found furtherance from him who speeds the flood.

In Indra seeking help with worship and with hymn, they drew him to themselves and won them kine and wealth. (5)

Indra, bestow on us the best of treasures, the spirit of ability and fortune;

Increase of riches, safety of our bodies, charm of sweet speech, and days of pleasant weather.

22 - Indra

At the Trikadrukas the Great and Strong has drunk drink blent with meal. With Vishnu has he quaffed the poured out soma juice, all that he would.

That has so heightened him the Great, the Wide, to do his mighty work.

So may the god attain the god, true Indu Indra who is true. (1)

So he resplendent in the battle overcame Krivi by might. He with his majesty has filled the earth and heaven, and waxen strong.

One share of the libation has he swallowed down: one share he left.

So may the god attend the god, true Indu Indra who is true. (2)

Brought forth together with wisdom and mighty power you grewest great; with hero deeds subduing the malevolent, most swift in act;

Giving prosperity, and lovely wealth to him who praiseth you. So may the god attend the god, true Indu Indra who is true. (3)

This, Indra, was your hero deed, Dancer, your first and ancient work, worthy to be told forth in heaven,

What time you sentest down life with a God's own power, freeing the floods.

All that is godless may he conquer with his might, and, Lord of Hundred Powers, find for us strength and food.

23 - Brahmanaspati

We call you, Lord and Leader of the heavenly hosts, the wise among the wise, the famousest of all,

The King supreme of prayers, Brahmanaspati: hear us with help; sit down in place of sacrifice. (1)

Brihaspati, God immortal! verily the gods have gained from you, the wise, a share in holy rites.

As with great light the Sun brings forth the rays of morn, so you alone art Father of all sacred prayer. (2)

When you have chased away revilers and the gloom, you mount the refulgent car of sacrifice;

The awful car, Brihaspati, that quells the foe, slays demons, cleaves the stall of kine, and finds the light. (3)

You leadest with good guidance and preservest men; distress overtakes not him who offers gifts to you.

Him who hates prayer you punishest, Brihaspati, quelling his wrath: herein is your great mightiness. (4)

No sorrow, no distress from any side, no foes, no creatures double-tongued have overcome the man,-

You drivest all seductive fiends away from him whom, careful guard, you keepest Brahmanaspati. (5)

You are our keeper, wise, preparer of our paths: we, for your service, sing to you with hymns of praise.

Brihaspati, whoever lays a snare for us, him may his evil fate, precipitate, destroy. (6)

Him, too, who threatens us without offence of ours, the evilminded, arrogant, rapacious man,-

Him turn you from our path away, Brihaspati: give us fair access to this banquet of the gods. (7)

You as protector of our bodies we invoke, you, saviour, as the comforter who loves us.

Strike, Brihaspati, the gods' revilers down, and let not the unrighteous come to highest bliss. (8)

Through you, kind -prosperer, Brahmanaspati, may we obtain the wealth of Men which all desire:

And all our enemies, who near or far away prevail against us, crush, and leave them destitute. (9)

With you as our own rich and liberal ally may we, Brihaspati, gain highest power of life.

Let not the guileful wicked man be lord of us:-still may we prosper, singing goodly hymns of praise. (10)

Strong, never yielding, hastening to the battle-cry, consumer of the foe, victorious in the strife,

You are sin's true avenger, Brahmanaspati, who tamest even the fierce, the wildly passionate. (11)

Whoso with mind ungodly seeks to do us harm, who, deeming him a man of might mid lords, would slay,-

Let not his deadly blow reach us, Brihaspati; may we humiliate the strong ill-doer's wrath. (12)

The mover mid the spoil, the winner of all wealth, to be invoked in fight and reverently adored,

Brihaspati has overthrown like cars of war all wicked enemies who fain would injure us. (13)

Burn up the demons with your fiercest flaming brand, those who have scorned you in your manifested might.

Show forth that power that shall deserve the hymn of praise: destroy the evil speakers, Brihaspati. (14)

Brihaspati, that which the foe deserves not which shines among the folk effectual, splendid,

That, Son of Law I which is with might refulgent-that treasure wonderful bestow you on us. (15)

Give us not up to those who, foes in ambuscade, are greedy for the wealth of him who sits at ease,

Who cherish in their heart abandonment of gods. Brihaspati, no further rest shall they obtain. (16)

For Tvastar, he who knows each sacred song, brought you to life, preeminent over all the things that be.

Guilt-scourger, guilt-avenger is Brihaspati, who slays the spoiler and upholds the mighty Law. (17)

The mountain, for your glory, cleft itself apart when, Angiras! you openedst the stall of kine.

Thoul Brihaspati, with Indra for ally didst hurl down water-floods which gloom had compa- sed round. (18)

Brahmanaspati, be you controller of this our hymn and prosper you our children.

All that the gods regard with love is blessed. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

24 - Brahmanaspati

BE pleased with this our offering, you who are the Lord; we will adore you with this new and mighty song.

As this your friend, our liberal patron, praises you, do you, Brihaspati, fulfil our hearts' desire. (1)

He who with might bowed down the things that should be bowed, and in his fury rent the holds of Sambara:

Who overthrew what shook not, Brahmapaspati,-he made his way within the mountain stored with wealth. (2)

That was a great deed for the godliest of the gods: strong things were loosened and the firmly fixed gave way.

He drave the kine forth and cleft Vala through by prayer, dispelled the darkness and displayed the light of heaven. (3)

The well with mouth of stone that poured a flood of meath, which Brahmapaspati has opened with his might-

All they who see the light have drunk their fill thereat: together they have made the watery fount flow forth. (4)

Ancient will be those creatures, whatsoever they be; with moons, with autumns, doors unclose themselves to you.

Effortless they pass on to perfect this and that, appointed works which Brahmanaspati ordained. (5)

They who with much endeavour searching round obtained the Panis' noblest treasure hidden in the cave,-

Those sages, having marked the falsehoods, turned them back whence they had come, and sought again to enter in. (6)

The pious ones when they had seen the falsehoods turned them back, the sages stood again upon the lofty ways.

Cast down with both their arms upon the rock they left the kindled fire, and said, No enemy is he. (7)

With his swift bow, strung truly, Brahmanaspati reaches the mark whatever it be that he desires.

Excellent are the arrows wherewithal he shoots, keen-eyed to look on men and springing from his ear. (8)

He brings together and he parts, the great High priest; extolled is he, in battle Brahmapaspati.

When, gracious, for the hymn he brings forth food and wealth, the glowing Sun untroubled sends forth fervent heat. (9)

First and preeminent, excelling all besides are the kind gifts of liberal Brihaspati.

These are the boons of him the Strong who should be loved, by which both classes and the people have delight. (10)

You who in every way supreme in earthly power, rejoicing, by your mighty strength have waxen great,-

He is the god spread forth in breadth against the gods: he, Brahmanaspati, encompasseth this All. (11)

From you, twain Maghavans, all truth proceedeth: even the waters break not your commandment.

Come to us, Brahmanaspati and Indra, to our oblation Iiie yoked steeds to fodder. (12)

The sacrificial flames most swiftly hear the call: the priest of the assembly gaineth wealth for hymns.

Hating the stern, remitting at his will the debt, strong in the shock of fight is Brahmanaspati. (13)

The wrath of Brahmanaspati according to his will had full effect when he would do a mighty deed.

The kine he drave forth and distributed to heaven, even as a copious flood with strength flows sundry ways. (14)

Brahmanaspati, may we be evermore masters of wealth well-guided, full of vital strength.

Heroes on heroes send abundantly to us, when you omnipotent through prayer seekest my call. (15)

Brahmanaspati, be you controller of this our hymn, and prosper you our children.

All that the gods regard with love is blessed. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

25 - Brahmanaspati

HE lighting up the flame shall conquer enemies: strong shall he be who offers prayer and brings his gift.

He with his seed spreads forth beyond another's seed, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend. (1)

With heroes he shall overcome his hero foes, and spread his wealth by kine wise by himself is be.

His children and his children's children

grow in strength, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend. (2)

He, mighty like a raving river's billowy flood, as a bull conquers oxen, overcomes with strength.

Like Agni's blazing rush he may not be restrained, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend. (3)

For him the floods of heaven flow never failing down: first with the heroes he goes forth to war for kine.

He slays in unabated vigour with great might, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend. (4)

All roaring rivers pour their waters down for him, and many a flawless shelter has been granted him.

Blest with the happiness of gods he prospers well, whomever Brahmanaspati takes for his friend.

26 - Brahmanaspati

The righteous singer shall overcome his enemies, and he who serves the gods subdue the godless man.

The zealous man shall vanquish the invincible, the worshipper share the food of him who worships not. (1)

Worship, you hero, chase the arrogant afar: put on auspicious courage for the fight with foes.

Prepare oblation so that you mayst have success. we crave the favouring help of Brahmanaspati. (2)

He with his folk, his house, his family, his sons, gains booty for himself, and, with the heroes, wealth,believing

Who with oblation and a true heart serves Brahmanaspati the Father of the gods. (3)

Whoso has honoured him with offerings rich in oil, him Brahmanaspati leads forward on his way,

Saves him from sorrow, frees him from his enemy, and is his wonderful deliverer from woe.

27 - Adityas

THESE hymns that drop down fatness, with the ladle I ever offer to the Kings Adityas.

May Mitra, Aryanian, and Bhaga hear us, the mighty Varuna Daksa, and Amsa. (1)

With one accord may Aryaman and Mitra and Varuna this day accept this praise-song-

Adityas bright and pure as streams of water, free from all guile and falsehood, blameless, perfect. (2)

These gods, Adityas, vast, profound, and faithful, with many eyes, fain to deceive the wicked,

Looking within behold the good and evil near to the Kings is even the thing most distant. (3)

Upholding that which moves and that which moves not, Adityas, gods, protectors of all being,

Provident, guarding well the world of spirits, true to eternal Law, the debt-exactors. (4)

May I, Adityas, share m this your favour which, Aryaman, brings profit even in danger.

Under your guidance, Varuna and Mitra, round troubles may I pass, like rugged places. (5)

Smooth is your path, Aryaman and Mitra; excellent is it, Varuna, and thornless.

Thereon, Adityas, send us down your blessing: grant us a shelter hard to be demolished. (6)

Mother of Kings, may Aditi transport us, by fair paths Aryaman, beyond all hatred.

May we uninjured, girt by many heroes, win Varuna's and Mitra's high protection. (7)

With their support they stay three earths, three heavens; three are their functions in the gods' assembly.

Mighty through Law, Adityas, is your greatness; fair is it, Aryaman, Varuna, and Mitra. (8)

Golden and splendid, pure like streams of water, they hold aloft the three bright heavenly regions.

Never do they slumber, never close their eyelids, faithful, far-ruling for the righteous mortal. (9)

You over all, Varuna, are Sovran, be they gods, Asura! or be they mortals.

Grant to us to see a hundred autumns ours be the blest long lives of our forefathers. (10)

Neither the right nor left do I distinguish, neither the cast nor yet the west, Adityas.

Simple and guided by your wisdom, Vasus! may I attain the light that brings no danger. (11)

He who bears gifts to the Kings, true Leaders, he whom their everlasting blessings prosper,

Moves with his chariot first in rank and wealthy, munificent and lauded in assemblies. (12)

Pure, faithful, very strong, with heroes round him, he dwells beside the waters rich with pasture.

None slays, from near at hand or from a distance, him who is under the Adityas' guidance. (13)

Aditi, Mitra, Varuna, forgive us however we have erred and sinned against you.

May I obtain the broad light free from peril: Indra, let not during darkness seize us. (14)

For him the two united pour their fulness, the rain from heaven: he thrives most highly favoured.

He goes to war mastering both the mansions: to him both portions of the world are gracious. (15)

Your guiles, you Holy Ones, to quell oppressors, your snares spread out against the foe, Adityas,

May I car-borne pass like a skilful horseman: uninjured may we dwell in spacious shelter. (16)

May I not live, Varuna, to witness my wealthy, liberal, dear friend's destitution.

King, may I never lack well-ordered riches. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

28 - Varuna

THIS laud of the self-radiant wise Aditya shall be supreme over all that is in greatness.

I beg renown of Varuna the Mighty, the god exceeding kind to him who worships. (1)

Having extolled you. Varuna, with thoughtful care may we have high fortune in your service,

Singing your praises like the fires at coming, day after day, of mornings rich in cattle. (2)

May we be in your keeping, wide-ruling Varuna, Leader Lord of many heroes.

sons of Aditi, forever faithful, pardon us, gods, admit us to your friendship. (3)

He made them flow, the Aditya, the Sustainer: the rivers run by Varuna's commandment.

These feel no weariness, nor cease from flowing: swift have they flown like birds in air around us. (4)

Loose me from sin as from a bond that binds me: may we swell, Varuna, your spring of Order.

Let not my thread, while I weave song, be severed, nor my work's sum, before the time, be shattered. (5)

Varuna, remove all danger far from me, accept me graciously, you Holy Sovereign.

Cast off my troubles, like cords that hold a calf: I am not even mine eyelid's lord without you. (6)

Strike us not, Varuna Asura, with those dread weapons that at your bidding wound the sinner.

Let us not pass away from light to exile. Scatter the men who hate us, so that we may live. (7)

Mighty Varuna, now and hereafter, even as of old, will we speak forth our worship.

For, invincible God, never to be moved your statute are fixed in yourself as on a mountain. (8)

Move far from me what sins I have committed: let me not suffer, King, for guilt of others.

Full many a morning remains to dawn upon us: in these, Varuna, direct us while we live. (9)

King, whoever has threatened me, affrighted in my slumber, whether he be friend or kinsman -

If any wolf or robber fain would harm us, give us protection from there, Varuna. (10)

Varuna, may I not live to witness my wealthy, liberal dear friend's destitution.

King, may I never lack well-ordered riches. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

29 - Visvedevas

UPHOLDERS of the Law, you strong Adityas, remove my sin like her who bears in secret.

You, Varuna, Mitra and all gods who listen, I call to help me, I who know your goodness. (1)

You, gods, are providence and you are power: remove you utterly all those who hate us.

As givers of good things deal with us kindly: this day be gracious to us and hereafter. (2)

What service may we do you with our future, what service, Vasus, with our ancient friendship?

Aditi, and VaruVa and Mitra, Indra and Maruts, make us well and happy. (3)

You, you gods, are verily our kinsmen as such be kind to me who now implore you.

Let not your car come slowly to our worship: of kinsmen such as you never let us weary. (4)

I singly have sinned many a sin against you, and you chastised me as a sire the gambler.

Far be your nets, far, gods, be mine offences: seize me not like a bird upon her offspring. (5)

Turn yourselves hitherward this day, you Holy, that fearing in my heart I may approach you.

Protect us, God; let not the wolf destroy us. Save us, you Holy, from the pit and falling. (6)

May I not live, Varuna, to witness my wealthy, liberal, dear friend's destitution.

King, may I never lack well-ordered riches. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

30 - Indra and Others

The streams unceasing flow to Indra, slayer of Ahi, Savitar, God, Law's fulfiller,

Day after day goes on the sheen of waters. What time has past since they were first set flowing? (1)

His Mother-for she knew-spake and proclaimed him who was about to cast his bolt at Vritra.

Cutting their paths according to his pleasure day after day flow to their goal the rivers. (2)

Aloft he stood above the airy region, and against Vritra shot his deadly missile.

Enveloped in a cloud he rushed upon him. Indra subdued the foe with sharpened weapons. (3)

As with a bolt, Brihaspati, fiercely flaming, pierce you Vrkadvaras', the Asura's, heroes.

Even as in time of old with might you slew, so slay even now our enemy, Indra. (4)

Cast down from heaven on high your bolt of thunder wherewith in joy you smitest dead the foeman.

For gain of children make us your, Indra, of many children's children and of cattle. (5)

Whomso you love, his power you aid and strengthen; you two are the rich worshipper's advancers.

Graciously favour us, Indra and Soma; give us firm standing in this time of danger. (6)

Let it not vex me, tire me, make me slothful, and never let us say, Press not the soma;

For him who cares for me, gives gifts, supports me, who comes with kine to me who pour libations. (7)

Sarasvati, protect us: with the Maruts allied you boldly conquerest our foemen,

While Indra does to death the daring chieftain of Sandikas exulting in his prowess. (8)

Him who waylays, yea, him who would destroy us,-aim at him, pierce him with your sharpened weapon.

Brihaspati, with arms you slayest foemen King, give up the spoiler to destruction. (9)

Perform, hero, with our valiant heroes the deeds heroic which you have to finish.

Long have they been inflated with presumption: slay them, and bring us here their possessions. (10)

I craving joy address with hymn and homage your heavenly host, the company of Maruts,

That we may gain wealth with full store of heroes, each day more famous, and with troops of children.

31 - Visvedevas

HELP, Varuna and Mitra, you two allied with Vasus, Rudras, and Adityas, help our car,

That, as the wild birds of the forest from their home, our horses may fly forth, glad, eager for renown. (1)

Yea, now you gods of one accord speed on our car what time among the folk it seeks an act of might;

When, hasting through the region with the stamp of hoofs, our swift steeds trample on the ridges of the earth. (2)

Or may our Indra here, the friend of all mankind, coming from heaven, most wise, girt by the Marut host,

Accompany, with aid untroubled by a foe, our car to mighty gain, to win the meed of strength. (3)

Or may this Tvastar, God who rules the world with power, one-minded with the goddesses speed forth our car;

Ila and Bhaga the celestial, Earth and Heaven, Pusan, Purandhi, and the Asvins, ruling lords. (4)

Or, seen alternate, those two blessed Goddesses, Morning and Night who stir all living things to act:

While with my newest song I praise you both, Earth, that from what moves not you may spread forth threefold food. (5)

Your blessing as a boon for suppliants we desire: the Dragon of the Deep, and Aja- Ekapad,

Trita, Rbhuksan, Savitar shall joy in us, and ihe Floods' swift Child in our worship and our prayer. (6)

These earnest prayers I pray to you, you Holy: to pay you honour, living men have formed them,

Men fain to win the prize and glory. May they win, as a car-horse might the goal, your notice.

32 - Various deities

GRACIOUSLY further, you Heaven and Earth, this speech striving to win reward, of me your worshipper.

First rank I give to you, immortal, high extolled! I, fain to win me wealth, to you the migbty Pair. (1)

Let not man's guile annoy us, secret or by day: give not us up a prey to these calamities.

Sever not you our friendship: think thereon for us. This, with a heart that longs for bliss, we seek from you. (2)

Bring here with benignant mind the willing Cow teeming with plenteous milk, full, inexhaustible.

you invoked by many, day by day I urge you with my word, a charger rapid in his tread. (3)

With eulogy I call on Raka swift to hear may she, auspicious, hear us, and herself observe.

With never-breaking needle may she sew her work, and give a hero son most wealthy, meet for praise. (4)

All your kind thoughts, Raka, lovely in their form, wherewith you grantest wealth to him who offers gifts-

With these come to us this day benevolent, Blessed One, bestowing food of thousand sorts. (5)

broad-tressed Sinivali, you who are the Sister of the gods,

Accept the offered sacrifice, and, Goddess, grant us progeny. (6)

With lovely fingers, lovely arms, prolific Mother of many sons-

Present the sacred gifts to her, to Sinlivali Queen of men. (7)

Her, Sinivali, her, Gungu, her, Raka, her, Sarasvati, Indrani to mine aid I call, and Vartunani for my weal.

33 - Rudra

FATHER of Maruts, let your bliss approach us: exclude us not from looking on the sunlight.

Gracious to our fleet courser be the hero may we transplant us, Rudra, in our children. (1)

With the most saving medicines which you give, Rudra, may I attain a hundred winters.

Far from us banish enmity and hatred, and to all quarters maladies and trouble. (2)

Chief of all born are you in glory, Rudra, armed with the thunder, mightiest of the mighty.

Transport us over trouble to well-being repel you from us all assaults of mis. chief. (3)

Let us not anger you with worship, Rudra, ill praise, Strong God! or mingled invocation.

Do you with strengthening balms incite our heroes: I hear you famed as best of all physicians. (4)

May I with praise-songs win that Rudra's favour who is adored with gifts and invocations.

Never may the tawny God, fair-checked, and gracious, swifthearing, yield us to this evil purpose. (5)

The Strong, begirt by Maruts, has refreshed me, with most invigorating food, imploring.

As he who finds a shade in fervent sunlight may I, uninjured, win the bliss of Rudra. (6)

Where is that gracious hand of yours, Rudra, the hand that gives health and bringeth comfort,

Remover of the woe that gods have sent us? Strong One, look you on me with compassion. (7)

To him the strong, great, tawny, fair-complexioned, I utter forth a mighty hymn of praises.

We serve the brilliant God with adorations, we glorify, the splendid name of Rudra. (8)

With firm limbs, multiform, the strong, the tawny adorns himself with bright gold decorations:

The strength of Godhead never departs from Rudra, him who is Sovran of this world, the mighty. (9)

Worthy, you carry your bow and arrows, worthy, your manyhued and honoured necklace.

Worthy, you cuttest here each fiend to pieces: a mightier than you there is not, Rudra. (10)

Praise him the chariot-borne, the young, the famous, fierce, slaying like a dread beast of the forest.

Rudra, praised, be gracious to the singer. let your hosts spare us and smite down another. (11)

I bend to you as you approachest, Rudra, even as a boy before the sire who greets him.

I praise you Bounteous Giver, Lord of heroes: give medicines to us as you are lauded. (12)

Of your pure medicines, potent Martits, those that are wholesomest and healthbestowing,

Those which our father Manu has selected, I crave from. Rudra for our gain and welfare. (13)

May Rudra's missile turn aside and spare us, the great wrath of the impetuous One avoid us.

Turn, Bounteous God, your strong bow from our princes, and be you gracious to our seed and offspring. (14)

tawny Bull, thus showing forth your nature, as neither to be wroth, God, nor slay us.

Here, Rudra, listen to our invocation. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

34 - Maruts

The Maruts of resistless might who love the rain, resplendent, terrible like wild beasts in their strength,

Glowing like flames of fire, impetuous in career, blowing the wandering raincloud, have disclosed the kine. (1)

They gleam with armlets as the heavens are decked with stars, like cloud-born lightnings shine the torrents of their rain.

Since the strong Rudra, Maruts with brilliant chests, sprang into life for you in Prsni's radiant lap. (2)

They drip like horses in the racings of swift steeds; with the stream's rapid cars they hasten on their way.

Maruts with helms of gold, you who make all things shake, con e with your spotted deer, one- minded, to our food. (3)

They have bestowed of Mitra all that live, to feed, they who for evermore cause their swift drops to flow;

Whose steeds are spotted deer, whose riches never fail, like horses in full speed, bound to the pole in work. (4)

With brightly-flarning kine whose udders swell with milk, idth glittering lances on your unobstructed paths,

Maruts, of one mind, like swans who seek their nests, come to the rapturous enjoyment of the meath. (5)

To these our prayers, Maruts, come unanimous, come to our libations like the praise of men.

Make it swell like a mare, in udder like a cow, and for the singer grace the song with plenteous strength. (6)

Give us a steed, Maruts migbty in the car; prevailing prayer that brings remembrance day by day;

Food to your praisers, to your bard in deeds of might give winning wisdom, power uninjured, unsurpassed. (7)

When the bright-chested Maruts, lavish of their gifts, bind at the time bliss their horses to the cars,

Then, as the milch-cow feeds her calf within the stalls, they pour forth food for all oblation- bringing men. (8)

Save us, Maruts, Vasus, from the injurer, the mortal foe who makes us looked upon as wolves.

With chariot all aflame compass him round about: Rudras, cast away the foeman's deadly bolt. (9)

Well-known, you Maruts, is that wondrous course of yours, when they milked Prsni's udder, close akin to her.

Or when to shame the bard who lauded, Rudra's Sons, you infallible brought Trita to decay. (10)

We call youi such, great Maruts, following wonted ways, to the oblation paid to Vishnu Speeder- on.

With ladles lifted up, with prayer, we seek of them preeminent, golden-hued, the wealth which all extol. (11)

They, the Dasagvas, first of all brought sacrifice: they at the break of mornings shall inspirit us.

Dawn with her purple beams uncovereth the nights, with great light glowing like a billowy sea of milk. (12)

The Rudras have rejoiced thern in the gathered bands at seats of worship as in purple ornaments.

They with impetuous vigour sending down the rain have taken to themselves a bright and lovely hue. (13)

Soliciting their high protection for our help, with this our adoration we sing praise to them,

Whom, for assistance, like the five terrestrial priests. Trita has brought to aid us here on his car. (14)

So may your favouring help be turned to us-ward, your kindness like a Iowing cow approach us,

Wherewith you bear your servant over trouble, and free your worshipper from scoff and scorning.

35 - Son of Waters

EAGER for spoil my flow of speech I utter: may the Floods' Child accept my songs with favour.

Will not the rapid Son of Waters make them lovely, for he it is who shall enjoy them? (1)

To him let us address the song well-fashioned, forth from the heart. Shall he not understand it'

The friendly Son of Waters by the greatness of Godhead has produced all things existing. (2)

Some floods unite themselves and others join them: die sounding rivers fill one common storehouse.

On every side the bright Floods have encompassed the bright resplendent Offspring of the Waters. (3)

The never-sullen waters, youthful Maidens, carefully decking, wait on him the youthful.

He with bright rays shines forth in splendid beauty, unfed with wood. in waters, oil- enveloped. (4)

To him three Dames are oftering food to feed him, Goddesses to the god whom none may injure.

Within the waters has he pressed, as hollows, and drinks their milk who now are first made mothers. (5)

Here was the horse's birth; his was the sunlight. Save you our princes from the oppressor's onslaught.

Him, indestructible, dwelling at a distance in forts unwrought lies and ill spirits reach not. (6)

He, in whose mansion is the teeming Milch-cow, swells the gods' nectar and cats noble viands.

lle Son of Waters, gathering strength in waters, shines for his worshipper to give him treasures. (7)

He who in waters with his own pure Godhead shines widely, law-abiding, everlasting-

The other worlds are verily his branches, and plants are born of him with all their offspring. (8)

The Waters' Son has risen, and clothed in lightning ascended up to the curled cloud's bosom;

And bearing with them his supremest glory the Youthful Ones, gold-coloured, move around him. (9)

Golden in form is he, like gold to look on, his colour is like gold, the Son of Waters.

When he is seated fresh from golden birthplace those who present their gold give food to feed him. (10)

This the fair name and this the lovely aspect of him the Waters' Son increase in secret.

Whom here the youthful Maids together kindle, his food is sacred oil of golden colour. (11)

Him, nearest friend of many, will we worship with sacrifice. and reverence and oblation.

I make his back to shine, with chips provide him; t offer food and with my songs exalt him. (12)

The Bull has laid his own life-germ Within them. He sucks them as an infant, and they kiss him.

He, Son of Waters, of unfading colour, hadi entered here as in another's body. (13)

While here he dwelleth in sublimest station, resplendent with the rays that never perish,

The Waters, bearing oil to feed their ofispring, flow, Youthful Ones, in wanderings about him. (14)

Agni, I gave good shelter to the people, and to the princes goodly preparation.

Blessed is all that gods regard with favour. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

36 - Various gods

WATER and milk has he endued, sent forth to you: the men have drained him with the filters and the stones.

Drink, Indra, from the Hotar's bowlfirst right is your-Soma hallowed and poured with Vasat and Svaha. (1)

Busied with sacrifice, with spotted deer and spears, gleaming upon your way with ornaments, yea, our friends,

Sitting on sacred grass, you Sons of Bharata, drink Soma from the Potar's bowl, Men of heaven. (2)

Come to us, you swift to listen: as at home upon the sacred grass sit and enjoy yourselves.

And, Tvastar, well-content be joyful in the juice with gods and Goddesses in gladsome company. (3)

Bring the gods here, Sage, and offer sacrifice: at the three altars seat you willingly, priest.

Accept for your delight the proffered Soma meath: drink from the Kindler's bowl and fill you with your share. (4)

This is the strengthener of your body's manly might: strength, victory for all time are placed within your arms.

Pressed for you, Maghavan, it is offered to you: drink from the chalice of this Brahman, drink your fill. (5)

Accept the sacrifice; mark both of you, my call: the priest has seated him after the ancient texts.

My prayer that bids them come goes forth to both the Kings: drink you the soma meath from the Director's bowl.

37 - Various gods

Enjoy your fill of meath out of the Hotar's cup: Adhvaryus he desires a full draught poured for him.

Bring it him: seeking this he gives. Granter of Wealth, drink Sorna with the Rtus from the Hotar's cup. (1)

He whom of old I called on, him I call on now. He is to be invoked; his name is He who Gives,

Here brought by priests is Soma meath. Granter of Wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the Potar's cup. (2)

Fat may the horses be wherewith you specdest on: Lord of the Wood, unharming, strengthen you yourself.

Drawing and seizing, Bold One, you who grantest wealth, drink Soma with the Rtus from the Nestar's cup. (3)

From Hotar's cup and Potar's he has drunk and joyed: the proffered food has pleased him from the Nestar's bowl.

The fourth cup undisturbed, immortal, let him drink who gives wealth, the cup of the wealth-giving God. (4)

Yoke, you two, today your hero-bearing car, swift-moving hitherward: your loosing-place is here.

Mix the oblations, then come here with the meath, and drink the soma, you rich in abundant strength. (5)

Agni, accept the fuel and our offered gift: accept the prayer of man, accept our eulogy,

Do you with all, with Rtu, you Excellent, fain, make the great gods all fain taste the gift we bring.

38 - Savitar

UPRISEN is Savitar, this God, to quicken, priest who neglects not this most constant duty.

To the gods, verily, he gives rich treasure, and blesses him who calls them to the banquet. (1)

Having gone up on high, the god broadhanded spreads his arms widely forth that all may mark him.

Even the waters bend them to his service: even this wind rests in the circling region. (2)

Though borne by swift steeds he will yet unyoke them: even the fleet chariot has he stayed from going.

He has checked even their haste who glide like serpents. Night closely followed Savitar's dominion. (3)

What was spread out she weaves afresh, re-weaving: the skilful leaves his labour half- completed.

He has arisen from rest, and parted seasons: Savitar has approached, God, holy-minded. (4)

Tlirough various dwellings, through entire existence, spreads, manifest, the household light of Agni.

The Mother gives her Son the goodliest portion, and Savitar has sped to meet his summons. (5)

He comes again, unfolded, fain for conquest: at home was he, the love of all things moving.

Each man has come leaving his evil doings, after the godlike Savitar's commandment. (6)

The wild beasts spread through desert places seeking their watery share which you have set in waters.

The woods are given to the birds. These statutes of the god Savitar none disobeyeth. (7)

With utmost speed, in restless haste at sunset Varuna seeks his watery habitation.

Then seeks each bird his nest, each beast his lodging. In due place Savitar has set each creature. (8)

Him whose high law not Varuna nor Indra, not Mitra, Aryaman, nor Rudra breaketh,

Nor evil-hearted fiends, here for my welfare him I invoke, God Savitar, with worship. (9)

May they who strengthen bliss, and thought and wisdom, and the Dames' Lord and Narasamsa aid us.

That good may come to us and wealth be gathered, may we be Savitar the god's beloved. (10)

So come to us our hearts' desire, the bounty bestowed by you, from heaven and earth and waters,

That it be well with friends and those who praise you, and, Savitar, with the loud-lauding singer.

39 - ? Asvins

SING like the two press-stones for this same purpose; come like two misers to the tree of treasure;

Like two laud-singing Brahmans in the assembly, like the folk's envoys called in many places. (1)

Moving at morning like two chr-borne heroes, like to a pair of goats you come electing;

Like two fair dames embellishing their bodies, like a wise married pair among the people. (2)

Like to a pair of horns come first to usward, like to a pair of hoofs with rapid motion;

Come like two Cakavas in the grey of morning, come like two chariot wheels at dawn, you Mighty. (3)

Bear us across the rivers like two vessels, save us as you were yokes, naves, spokes and fellies.

Be like two dogs that injure not our bodies; preserve us, like two crutches, that we fall not. (4)

Like two winds ageing not, two confluent rivers, come with quick vision like two eyes before us.

Come like two hands most helpful to the body, and guide us like two feet to what is precious. (5)

Even as two lips that with the mouth speak honey, even as two breasts that nourish our existence,

Like the two nostrils that protect our being, be to us as our ears that hear distinctly. (6)

Like two hands give us increasing vigour; like heaven and earth constrain the airy regions.

Asvins, these hymns that struggle to approach you, sharpen you like an axe upon a whetstone. (7)

These prayers of ours exalting you, Asvins, have the GrtSamadas, for a laud, made ready.

Welcome them, you heroes, and come bither. Loud may we speak. with brave men, in assembly.

40 - Soma and Pusan

SOMA and Pusan, Parents of all riches, Parents of earth and Parents of high heaven,

You two, brought forth as the whole world's protectors, the gods have made centre of life eternal. (1)

At birth of these two gods all gods are joyful: they have caused darkness, which we hate, to vanish.

With these, with Soma and with Pusan, India generates ripe warm milk in the raw milch- cows. (2)

Soma and Pusan, urge your chariot here, the seven-wheeIed car that measures out the region,

That stirs not all, that moves to every quarter, fivc-reined and harnessed by the thought, you Mighty. (3)

One in the heaven on high has made his dwelling, on earth and in the firmament the other.

May they disclose to us great store of treasure, much-longed for, rich in food, source of enjoyment. (4)

One of you two is Parent of all creatures, the otherjourneys onward all-beholding.

Soma and Pusan, aid my thought with favour: with you may we overcome in all encounters. (5)

May Pusan stir our thought, the all-impelling, may Soma Lord of riches grant us riches.

May Aditi the perfect Goddess aid us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

41 - Various deities

VAYU, come to us with all the thousand chariots that are your,

Team-borne, to drink the soma juice. (1)

Drawn by your team, Vayu, come; to you is offered this, the pure.

You visitest the presser's house. (2)

Indra and Vayu, drawn by teams, you heroes, come today and drink.

Of the bright juice when blent with milk. (3)

This Soma has been shed for you, Lawstrengtheners, Mitra-Varuna!

Listen you here to this my call. (4)

Both Kings who never injure aught seat them in their supremest home,

The thousand-pillared, firmly-based. (5)

Fed with oblation, Sovran Kings, Adityas, lords of liberal gifts.

They wait on him whose life is true. (6)

With kine, Nasatyas, and with steeds, come, Asvins, Rudras, to the house

That will protect its heroes well; (7)

Such, wealthy gods! as none afar nor standing nigh to us may harm,

Yea, no malicious mortal foe. (8)

As such, longed-far Asvins, lead us on to wealth of varied sort,

Wealth that shall bring us room and rest. (9)

Verily Indra, conquering all, drives even mighty fear away,

For firm is he and swift to act. (10)

Indra be gracious to us: sin shall not reach us afterward,

And good shall be before us still. (11)

From all the regions of the world let Indra send security,

The foe-subduer, swift to act. (12)

all you gods, come over here: hear this mine invocation, seat

Yourselves upon this sacred grass. (13)

Among ihe gunahotras strong for you is this sweet gladdening draught.

Drink you of this delightsome juice. (14)

You Martus led by Indra, gods with Prižan for your bounteousest,

Hear all of you this call of mine. (15)

Best Mother, best of Rivers, best of Goddesses, Sarasvati, We are, as it were, of no repute and dear Mother, give us renown. (16)

In you, Sarasvati, divine, all generations have their stay.

Be, glad with Sunahotra's sons: Goddess grant us progeny. (17)

Enriched with sacrifice, accept Sarasvati, these prayers of ours,

Thoughts which GrtSamadas beloved of gods bring, Holy One,to you. (18)

You who bless sacrifice, go forth, for verily we choose you both,

And Agni who conveys our gifts. (19)

This our.effectual sacrifice, reaching the sky, shall Heaven and Earth

Present to the gods today. (20)

In both your laps, you guileless Ones, the Holy gods shall sit them down

Today to drink the soma here.

42 - Kapinjala

TELLING his race aloud with cries repeated, he sends his voice out as his boat a steersman.

Bird, be ominous of happy fortune from no side may calamity befall you. (1)

Let not the falcon kill you, nor the eagle let not the arrow-bearing archer reach you.

Still crying in the region of the Fathers, speak here auspicious, bearing joyful tidings. (2)

Bringing good tidings, Bird of happy omen, call you out loudly southward of our dwellings,

So that no thief, no sinner may oppress us. Loud may we speak, with heroes, in assembly.

43 - Kapinjala

Here on the right sing forth chanters of hymns of praise, even the winged birds that in due season speak.

He, like: a Sama-chanter utters both the notes, skilled in the mode of Trstup and of Gayatri. (1)

You like the chanter-priest chantest the Sama, Bird; you sing at libations like a Brahman's son.

Even as a vigorous horse when he comes near the mare, announce to us good forturue, Bird, on every side, proclaim in all directions happy luck, Bird. (2)

When singing here, Bird, announce good luck to us, and when you sit still think on us with kind thoughts.

When flying off you sing you are like a lute. With brave sons in assembly may we speak aloud.


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