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Abies delavayi faxonia*. Delavay fir 'faxonia'

aimed at

PART OF BLEND 4 - AIMED AT (possibly): Apathetic subordinates

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Being outspoken and confident.

Wish adieu to

Subordinatedly desensitivised – Subordinated into unoriginal – Rendered apathetic in one or several systematic ways.

Abies webbiana. Himalayan Fir, "Silver fir"

Quite long-acting remedy.

Wish adieu to

Low-spirited – Wakeful at night

  • Loss of appetite in the morning
  • Gastric disturbances
  • Offensive breath

Abrotanum. Southernwood

Wish adieu to

Depressed – Livid and blue rings around dull-looking eyes

  • Painful contraction of limbs
  • Tuberculous peritonitis
  • Distended abdomen
  • Hair falls out along with vomiting large amounts of offensive fluid
  • Wrist pains
  • Pain in lumbar region
  • Food passes undigested
  • Nosebleed and hydrocele in boys
  • Rheumatism

Acidum gallicum. Gallic Acid

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Increases the appetite

Wish adieu to

Afraid to be alone – Wild delirium at night – (Therefore) Abusive

  • Respiratory: Phthisis – Pain in lungs
  • Rectum: Chronic mucous discharges

Actaea racemosa (Cimicifuga racemosa). Black snake-root

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evincing Reject the mob somewhat

Wish adieu to

Mania after neuralgia has gone

Fears of having to jump out of a carriage

Muscular pains of neurotic origin – Pains like electric shocks.

  • Wide action on the cerebrospinal system and the uterus
  • Head: pain after over-study – Wild feeling in brain – Neuralgic headaches – Pressing-outward pains
  • Eyes: Intense aching of eyeball
  • Female: Coagulated, offensive menses with backache – Infra-mammary pains
  • Heart: Trembling pulse and infra-mammary pain
  • Back: Rheumatic pains in muscles of back - and going down thighs – Sensitive spine and back.
  • Limbs: Jerking of limbs
  • Worse: Worse during menses; the more profuse the flow, the greater the suffering.

Adonis vernalis. Pheasant's Eye

aimed at

AIMED AT: Helping the heart after rheumatism where heart muscles are in a stage of fatty degeneration. Also of use in cardic dropsy.

Wish adieu to

  • Mouth: Dirty, yellow tongue – Feels scalded
  • Heart: Regurgitation – Fatty heart pericarditis
  • Stomach: Gnawing hunger – Heavy weight, better out of doors
  • Respiratory: Often desires to take a long breath
  • Sleep: Horrible dreams
  • Limbs: Aching in nape. Spine aching.

sunupAesculus hippocastanus. Chestnut Bud

aimed at

REMEDY AIM (if possible): When it just does not help to give up and give in. Aimed at those who feel stuck in a recurrent pattern of attitudes and the like, and learn slowly.

"For those who repeat the same mistakes over and over again, never learning from past experience. (Bach)."

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Chestnut Bud advocates ones present timings, far greater objectivity in one's personal dealings, and more readiness to adjust from learnt lessons in the long school of life.

"Teaches one to be a good learner and to pay attention to the present (Bach)."

Wish adieu to


sunupAgrimonia eupatoria. Agrimony

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Wish adieu to

  • Mental torture behind an often cheerful face
  • They are wont to keep their troubles hidden under a mask of pleasure and happiness and must now maintain a mask of happiness.
  • They are often humorous and wont to agree with good friends, which they keep at a certain dwarfing-oneself cost.
  • Low level of bullying against the offenders -
  • Gleichgültich (diffident): Some seek out friends, parties and bright lights, they may not easily get to terms with the darker side of life and their own personalities. They dare not to face a trouble, instead they are experts at using jokes and witticisms and smiles to avoid a sordid or painful reality.

Agave americana. Century plant

Wish adieu to

Great anxiety – Hydrophobia, possibly.

  • Stomach: Poor appetite – Stomach-ache
  • Limbs: Legs covered with dark, purple blotches

Agnus castus. The Chaste Tree

aimed at

AIMED AT: Premature old age

Wish adieu to

Depressed – Sad – Fearing death and ruin.

Absent-minded, up to extremely absent-minded – Finds it difficult to read.

Fear as if entrails were sinking down.

Illusion of smell as of herrings.

  • Head: Pressure in the temples – Scalp warm to the touch
  • Eyes: Corrosive itching or gnawing
  • Ears: Ears: Roaring in the ears
  • Nose: Palpitation with nosebleed
  • Male: Diminution of sexual power – Impotence, ie, failing sexual organism – Testicles cold, swollen, and/or painful
  • Female: Suppressed menses with abdominal pain – Inflammation of the uterus
  • Abdomen: Deep fissures of the anus
  • Stools: Soft, receding stools
  • Limbs: bad results from lifting too much – Joints easily twisted – Arthritic swelling of finger joints – Tearing pain in joints of toes
  • Skin: Itching around ulcers. Fever: With cold hands

Ailanthus glandulosa. Chinese Sumach

Wish adieu to

Great weakness

  • Teeth covered with sordes
  • Symptoms who look like malignant scarlatina
  • The skin appears livid
  • Mucous membranes affected
  • Bloody nasal discharge along with great weakness
  • Edematous and hoarse through
  • Irregular skin eruptions
  • Cold skin

Alcohol sulphuris (Carboneum sulphuratum). Bisulphate of Carbon

aimed at

AIMED AT: Has a very broad range of action. Results of abuse of alcohol.

Wish adieu to

Abuse of alcohol – Senility – Loss of memory – Obnoxious to be with / – Anxious – Hallucinations

  • Wasted muscles
  • Ulceration of the lips
  • Cold, lack of vital heat
  • Diminished sensibility of arms and feet
  • Sensory difficulties in limbs
  • Paralysis - stupor-like /
  • Rheumatism
  • Arteries and veins congested
  • Ear: Tinnitus aurium
  • Abdomen: Wandering swellings as from flatus (gas)
  • Abdomen: Distention with rumbling
  • Male: Desire lost. Frequent profuse emissions
  • Extremities: Flying pains. Cramps and formication.
  • Skin: Ugly to look at. Much twitching. Growth of cancer.

MODALITIES: Worse during damp weather and during cold

Allium cepa. Red Onion

aimed at

AIMED AT: Coryza – Phlegmatic ones – Injuries to nerves – Nerve pains like a fine thread

Wish adieu to

  • Head: Threadlike pains in face
  • Nose: Acrid discharge – Sneezing when entering a warm room
  • Stomach: Pain in pyloric region
  • Urinary: Urine red with much pressure and burning
  • Respiratory: Larynx hoarseness – Pain
  • Limbs: Lame joints – Pains in limbs, in arms in particular
  • Sleep: marked by many and incoherent dreams

Allium sativum. Garlic

aimed at

AIMED AT (possibly): Pulmonary tuberculosis.

Wish adieu to

  • Mouth: Sensation of a hair on tongue – Red palillae of tongue
  • Stomach: Voracious appetite – Constipation – Dyspepsia – Catarrh
  • Respiratory: Pulmonary tuberculosis – Difficult to raise mucous – Fetid expectorations
  • Circulatory: Arterial hypotension

Alnus rubra. Red Alder

It stimulates nutrition.

Wish adieu to


  • Ache
  • Disagreeable odour from pustules
  • Skin: Skin affections – Acne vulgaris – Purpura haemorrhagica
  • Circulatory: Arteriosclerosis

Aloe socotrina. Aloe

aimed at

AIMS AT: Reestablishing physiological equilibrium – Those of lymphatic temperament (and weak pulse) – Of sedentary habits

Wish adieu to

Clashing in left ear after getting to bed.

Greatly disinclined to mental labour – Aversion to labour, it makes him much fatigued.

Often thinks "My life is a burden" – Thinks he is nearing death especially when constipated and when he is in pain – Dissatisfied with oneself – Quite frantic.

Bitter – Angry – Revengeful – Child, being held to stool, screams

Aged – Fatigued – Weary – Phlegmatic.

  • Head: Dull, pressive pain
  • Nose: Bleeding in morning on awakening – Full of crusts
  • Mouth: Tasteless eructations
  • Throat: Thick lumps of tough mucous – Varicose condition in pharynx – Scrapy feeling
  • Back: Lumbago
  • Stomach: Flatulence after eating, and sexual irritation – Pain – Nausea with headache
  • Back: Painfully sensitive to touch – The abdominal cavity feels very, very sore – Uneasiness and pains in liver region – Great accumulation of flatus – Sensation of plug – Burning, copious flatus
  • Rectum: Diarrhea – Soreness in rectum after stool
  • Urinary: Increased secretion – Scanty and high coloured

MODALITIES: Worse in early morning. Better from belching.

Alstonia scholaris. Dita Bark

aimed at

A medium tonic that is aimed at (one or more of these): Debility – Sinking in abdomen – Abdomen debility – Gone sensation in stomach.

Wish adieu to

  • After-effects of (weakening from) exhausting fevers.
  • Malarial diseases – Anaemia – Feeble digestion
  • Back: Feeble digestion – Sinking – Diarrhea after drinking bad water – Diarrhea after eating

Althaea officinalis. Marshmallow

Wish adieu to

Much grief.

Emotional life inflamed – Emotions in a turmoil – Nearly insane emotionally.

  • Urinary: Irritable bladder
  • Throat: Irritable throat – Irritable bronchi
  • Skin: Troubles (including ulcers)
  • Stomach: "Knots" of distress

Ambra grisea. Ambergris

aimed at

AIMED AT (possibly): Fair despair – Lean, nervous persons with grinning faces in particular – Those suffering from age and concomitant weakness – Impaired (and aged)

Tearing pains.

Pulsations after walking about.

Suffering from overwork – Suffering from overload.

Unreasonable complaints about music (everything) – Music wears one out.

Wish adieu to

Suffering from all-over mental impairment or derangement – Nervousness – Despair – Hasty – Convulsions – Loathing of life – Dwells on unpleasant things – Odious sceneries – Slow to understand.

  • Head: Hair falls out – Pale face
  • Stomach: Acidity after midnight
  • Urinary: Urine turbid, even during emission
  • Female: Voluptious – Nymphomania
  • Male: Voluptuous erections
  • Respiratory: Chest oppressed – Hawking up phlegm
  • Sleep: Cannot fall asleep from worry, must get up
  • Genitals: Itching around them
  • Limbs: Cramps in hands

MODALITIES: Better from lying on the painful part. Worse from music.

Ammonium bromatum. Bromide of Ammonia

aimed at

AIMED AT: Obese persons – Some who cough and cough

Wish adieu to

Discouraged – Made timid.

Nervous restlessness – Misspelling while writing.

  • Mouth: Tongue feels scalded
  • Respiratory: Sudden cough – Continuous cough – Tickling desire to cough – Quite strangling cough

Ammonium carbonicum. Carbonate of Ammonia

aimed at

AIMED AT: Those who lead sedentary lives – With slow reactions – Great aversion to water; cannot bear to touch it – Prostrations from trifles – Measles – Asthma – Bleeds from the nose after a meal

Wish adieu to

Sad and fretting – Ill-humoured – Unreasonable – Of nightmares – Weak mentality – Heedless – Timid – Apprehensive – Pains – Fatigue – Weakness – Weariness from listening to others – Mistakes in calculating – Mismatch

  • Teeth: Suppuration – Bleeding from the gums
  • Nose: Bleeds from the nose after a meal
  • Mouth: Dry – Offensive smell
  • Stomach: Vomiting a lot
  • Female: Burning anus
  • Respiratory: Cough – Asthma – Expectoration of some blood
  • Limbs: paralytic weakness of the arms
  • Skin: Light lesions – Eruptions from small lesions

Ammonium chloride, Ammonium muriaticum. Sal Ammoniac

aimed at

AIMED AT: Those with a disposition to be irritable – Having a "boiling" sensation – Head and chest symptoms are worse in the morning – Many symptoms are accompanied by cough

Wish adieu to

Melancholy – Can have terrific dreams – Cannot weep, but is full of grief.

  • Head: Itching and dandruff
  • Nose: Itching – Bloody crusts
  • Ears: Hardness of hearing
  • Face: Mouth and lips sore
  • Teeth: Shooting pain in the gums
  • Throat: Tonsillitis – Swellings of tonsils
  • Stomach: Cancer
  • Back: Much flatus
  • Rectum: Buring and smarting in rectum
  • Male: Throbbings and frequent erections
  • Female: Leucorrhea like white of an egg – Brown and slimy leuchorrhea after every urination
  • Respiratory: Hoarseness – Violent cough – Oppression of chest
  • Limbs: Pains in joints – Worse sitting
  • Fevers: due to unhealthy climate.

MODALITIES: Abdominal symptoms worse in the afternoon.

Ammonium iodatum. Iodide of Ammonia

aimed at

AIMED AT: Artists – Edema of the lungs

Wish adieu to

Dizziness – A quite heavy expression.

  • Head: Dull headache – Meniere's disease (: it is a disorder of the membranous labyrinth of the inner ear, and is marked by recurrent attacks of dizziness, tinnitus, and deafness)
  • Respiratory: Laryngitis – Bronchitis – Catarrhal pneumonia – Edema of lungs

Ampelopsis trifoliata. Virginia Creeper, Three-leaf Woodbine

aimed at

AIMED AT: Toxic dermatitis with some vomiting and tenesmus – Toxic dermatitis due to vegetable poisons – Several symptoms similar to Poison Ivy (Rhus tox.) poisoning

Wish adieu to

  • Head: Heacache
  • Face: Facial neuralgia
  • Nose: Red tip of nose
  • Stomach: Vomiting and purging
  • Back: Severe pains
  • Respiratory: Hoarse
  • Heart: Quick pulse
  • Back: Worse while sitting – Rheumatic pains – Sciatica
  • Skin: Toxic dermatitis – Sweating

Anagallis arvensis. Scarlet Pimpernel

aimed at

Favours expulsion of splinters.

Wish adieu to

  • Limbs: Cramps in ball of thumbs and fingers – Joints specially affected.

Anemone hepatica. Liverwort

aimed at

AIMED AT some who are somehow "undersize" and love to form barricades all of a sudden in order to dwell safely enough. That could be good and work well for these persons.

A bass of their relationships: They belittle and disallow the worth or rights of others in order to be at the centre of attention, and some of them may make others walk in tears in so doing.

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Formation of some sorts of barricades.

Wish adieu to

  • Psychologically cold 6 – Cowardly in concerns of some next to one 6
  • Uninstructed as to things to do next 6 – Fear concerning money 6 – Miracles; dealing in them crookedly: miracle mongering 6
  • Doubting himself or herself in all kinds of relationships 5 – Daydreaming 5 – Shying (evading) 5 – Initiative; big lack of 4
  • Martyr even if there is no need for that 4 – Great fear of being stood up by own husband 5 – Fear that one's children will be taken away 5 – Loneliness 3
  • Loss; effects of 3 – Torpor 5
  • Vacillating 3 – Unrighteous 6 – Apologize: resisting apologising to others 4 – Quite aimless after all 4

Angustura vera. Bark of Galipea cusparia

aimed at

AIMED AT: Oversensitive persons – Having cramps – Some who cry for fear.

The remedy acts on spinal motor-nerves.

Wish adieu to


  • Head: Facial muscles drawn – Pain when opening the jaws – Cramp-pains
  • Stomach: Atonic dyspepsia – Belching
  • Back: Chronic diarrhea with loss of flesh
  • Back: Twitching and pain along back
  • Limbs: Cold fingers – Crackling in all joints – Stiffness of muscles
  • Caries of long bones

Antimonium arsenicusom. Arsenite of Antimony

aimed at

Pleurisy – Pneumonia.

Wish adieu to

  • Pneumonia – Excessive mucous secretion – Pleurisy with effusion

MODALITIES: Worse on eating.

Antimonium crudum. Black Sulphide of Antimony

aimed at

AIMED AT: Those who are fretful and immature (like overgrown children) – Irritable

Wish adieu to

Concerned about life conditions – Little or no satisfaction from what has been accomplished or done – Greatly sensitive to night and cold.

Vexed without cause – Tendency to be frightened – Dull intellect.

Child can hardly bear to be looked at – Quite unbearable ill-humour.

  • Head: Suppressed eruptions
  • Ears: Swelling
  • Nose: Eczema of nostrils
  • Face: Yellow (sallow) and crusted eruption on chin etc.
  • Mouth: Tongue coated with thick white
  • Stomach: Eructation tasting of the ingesta – Bloating after eating
  • Back: Flatus some time after eating
  • Stool: Diarrhea alternating with constipation, especially in old people – Catarrhal proctitis
  • Male: Eruption about genitals.
  • Female: Toothache before menses – Acrid, lumpy leucorrhea
  • Respiratory: Cough worse coming into warm room
  • Limbs: Heaviness of limbs – Feet very tender and horny.
  • Skin: Eczema of horny feet – Eruption with burning and itching
  • Sleep: Drowsiness in old people
  • Fever: Vomiting – Eructations

MODALITIES: Worse from bathing and also from wet poultices.

Antimonium sulphuratum-auratum. Golden Sulphuret of Antimony

aimed at

AIMED AT: Those who are fatigued and have nausea – Bronchial catarrh – Much itching related to mucous.

Wish adieu to

  • Eyes: Cornea spots – Commencing amaurosis (loss of sight)
  • Nose and throat: Rough and scrapy feeling
  • Respiratory: Bronchial catarrh – Accumulation of mucous secretion – Tough bronchi mucous – Mucous from throat

Antimonium tartaricum. Tartar Emetic

aimed at

AIMED AT: Prostration and faintness

Wish adieu to

Fidgety – Confused – Restless – Drowsy – Drowsiness with coma – Wild gaiety by day only – Cough with drowsiness – Child will not be touched – Child, when touched, utters piercing cries – Broken sleep.

  • Head: Headache as from a band compressing – Epileptic fits
  • Eyes: Inflamed
  • Stomach: Not vomiting if lying on right side – Nausea followed by headache and vomiting
  • Back: Incisive pains in the abdomen – Cholera morbus
  • Urinary: Stricture
  • Respiratory: Rattling of mucous – Laryngitis – Whooping-cough – Hoarseness – Difficult breathing – Coughing and gaping – Cough, with moist hands – Emphysema – Uncomfortable hot feeling – Rapid pulse, weak and trembling – Paralysis of the lungs – Dyspnea relieved by eructation
  • Back: Pain in sacro-lumbar region
  • Skin: Pustular eruption leaving a bluish-red mark
  • Fever: Lethargic condition
  • Back: Pain in the back and loins when seated
  • Limbs: Jerking of the hand muscles
  • Sleep: Trembling limbs during sleep

MODALITIES: Worse from lying down at night.

Antipyrine. Phenazone

aimed at

AIMED AT: Those of deranged minds – Great nervousness

Wish adieu to

Fear of going insane – Continual crying – Deranged mind – Phantasmagoria (fantastic combinations of optical imaginations) – Hallucinations of sight – Dizziness – Nervous anxiety.

  • Head: Feeling of constriction – Epilepsy
  • Face: Red and swollen
  • Eyes: Running eyes
  • Mouth: Bloody saliva
  • Stomach: Burning and pain
  • Respiratory: Dull pains in frontal sinus
  • Male: Scrotum sensation of pricking pins
  • Urinary: Amount diminished
  • Skin: Eczema – Penis edema

Apis mellifica. The Honey-Bee

aimed at

AIMED AT: Soreness and edema of cellular tissues, very sensitive to touch – Of serous membranes – Sudden puffing up of whole body

Wish adieu to

Grief – Debility – Loss of consciousness – Drops things easily – Irritation – Premonition of death.

  • Head: Bores head into pillow and screams
  • Face: Red and hot
  • Eyes: – Suppurative inflammation of eyes – Swollen and red lids – Twitching of eyeballs – Styes
  • Nose: Cold tip of nose
  • Mouth: Puffy, like erisypelas
  • Throat: Sensation of fishbone in throat – Ulcerated sore throat
  • Chest: Stinging pain
  • Stomach: No thirst with the heat
  • Female: Ovarian pains – Large and painful swelling of the labia – Ovarian tumours – Worse in right ovary – Dysmenorrhea
  • Respiratory: Dyspnea – Difficult breathing – Edema of larynx – Short, dry cough
  • Urinary: Inflammation of kidneys
  • Skin: Very sore and sensitive to touch – Swellings – Pain – Possibly suppressed eruptions
  • Sleep: Dreams full of care and toil – Outcry during sleep
  • Fever: Perspiration breaks out frequently

Complementary: Natrum mur, also called "the Chronic Apis mell."

MODALITIES: Worse on rising after sitting.

Apium graveolens. Common Celery

Wish adieu to

Cannot keep mind from thinking.

  • Head: Itching and smarting
  • Face: Swelling of face
  • Female: Dysmenorrhea with sharp pains, better flexing the legs – Pains, better by bending over and lying on left side
  • Respiratory: Dyspnea
  • Skin: Granulating ulcers
  • Sleep: Unable to lie still in bed from feeling of fidgets – Does not feel fatigued from loss of sleep

MODALITIES: Female better by lying on left side.

Aragallus lamberti, Oxytropis lamberti. White Loco Weed

aimed at

AIMED AT: Exhausted ones – Bewildered and confused ones. The remedy acts on the nervous system.

Wish adieu to

Sad on rising – Tired in the morning – Exhaustion – Mental influences depresses him – Cannot think well – Strange feelings – Imaginary fiends – Forgets words and names easily – Desires to be alone – Wandering desires – Must concentrate his mind on walking while walking – Uncertain gait – Writing expressivity "benumbed", sort of.

  • Mouth: Cracked lower lips
  • Throat: Sore with nausea
  • Respiratory: Oppression in lungs
  • Limbs: Limbs are weak – Painful legs while walking
  • Male: Pains in testes and cord
  • Female: Ovarian pains

MODALITIES: Much better from sleep.

Aralia racemosa. Spikenard

aimed at

AIMED AT: Prostrated guys.

Wish adieu to

An "as if" feeling permeates the person.

  • Respiratory: Hay-fever – Obstructed breathing – Dry cough coming on after sleep – Rawness and burning behind sternum – Frequent sneezing with copious discharge – Asthma after coryza
  • Female: Menses suppressed – Tympanites
  • Sleep: Profuse perspiration while asleep

MODALITIES: Worse about 11 p.m. (cough).

Arbutus andrachne. Strawberry Tree

aimed at

AIMED AT: Weakness – Numbness – Collapsing easily.

Inveterate arthritis – Rheumatism – Arthritis of larger joints.

Wish adieu to

Full of care – Feels weak – Jests readily.

  • Respiratory: Nasal catarrh – Post-nasal catarrh
  • Skin: Eczema

Argentum crystals, Argentum metallicum. Silver Crystals

aimed at

AIMED AT: Suited to thin patients with hollow eyes – Certain insidious affections – Drying-up (shrivelling) affections – Larynx problems – Hysterical after shocks

Wish adieu to

Excessively merry – Ill-humoured – Aversion to talking.

Feigning closeness

  • Head: Vertigo on looking at running water – Epilectic rage – Sneezing on looking at running water – Pain around frontal eminence
  • Nose: Epistaxis (nosebleed) on blowing the nose
  • Throat: Soreness on swalling – Hoarseness – Hawking – Coughing
  • Respiratory: Hoarseness – Cough from laughing – Alteration in timbre of voice
  • Back: Violent pressure – Deficient secretions of the mucous membranes
  • Limbs: Cramp-like tensions in upper limbs – Shocks in joints – Legs weak and trembling
  • Male: Pain in the testes
  • Female: Enuresis nocturna – Uterine disease – Scirrhus of uterus

MODALITIES: Worse at night

Aristolochia clematis. Birthwort

Wish adieu to


  • Female: Recurrent cystitis
  • Limbs: Stiffness – Swelling

Arnica montana. Leopard's Bane

aimed at

AIMED AT: Hoarseness – After mental strain – Soreness of the whole body – Traumatic incidents – Septic conditions – The venous system – Cardiac dropsy – Strains – Tendinous tissue – Limbs and body ache – Oversensitive body – Bruised feeling

Wish adieu to

Answers correctly when spoken to, but relapses – Sudden apprehension – Fear of dying – Oversensitive – Feeling bruised – Anguish with groans – Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) – After mental strain – Foolish gaiety – Musing.

  • Ears: Dull hearing after concussion – Pain in cartillages of ears, as if bruised
  • Face: Very red – Tingling round the eyes
  • Chest: Sensitive on walking – Difficult breathing
  • Appetite: Thirst for water
  • Stomach: Pressure
  • Back: Stitches under false ribs – Pain – Distended – Flatus – Purulent, bloody stools
  • Female: Bruised parts (after labour)
  • Respiratory: Pain in the pleural cavity (pleurodynia) – Coughs, worse from excercise – Hoarseness from overuse of voice – Distressing dyspnea
  • Heart: Affections – Stitches in heart caused by dyspnea
  • Back, shoulders, and extremities: Back pain – Pain in joints
  • Skin: Acne indurata – Purpura
  • Sleep: Sleepless and restless – Stools during (stupour) sleep
  • Sudden pains

MODALITIES: Better from lying down.

Arsenicum album. Arsenic Trioxide

aimed at

A deeply acting all-round remedy aimed at such as: Suffering by conversation – Great exhaustion – Pale-faced – Feels stronger while lying down – Complaints that return annually – Septic infections – Emaciation

Wish adieu to

Great restless – Changeable humour – Greatly anguished with nightly aggravations – Exhausted.

Great fears – Great fear of being left alone – Fear of solitude – Fear of fainting fits – Fidgety – Fearful – Anxious despair – Confused – Great sensibility.

Depression of spirits – Suicidal – Worry – Miserly and malicious – Sensitive – Chewing tobacco.

Maniacal actions and frenzy – Thinks it useless to take medicine – Debility, having degenerative changes.

  • Head: Headaches relieved by cold – Periodical pains with restlessness – Epileptic fits
  • Eyes: Better from external warmth
  • Face: Pale face – Flush of cheeks
  • Mouth: Gulping up of burning water – Tongue affections – Cracked and dry lips – Bluish lips – Brownish band in the red part of the lips – Easily-bleeding gums
  • Stomach: Cannot bear the sight or smell of food – Coarse food disagrees – Frequent and excessive nausea – Great thirst – Irritable – Drinks acid fruit juices – Drinks much, but little at a time – Nausea after drinking – Craves acids and coffee – Vomiting of brown-black mucous mixed with blood – Ill effects of melons
  • Stool: Worse from abuse of alcohol and spoiled meat – Diarrhea
  • Urine: Diabetes
  • Female: Yellowish leucorrhea
  • Respiratory: Sensation of dryness in the larynx – Unable to lie down – Dry cough – Dyspnea
  • Chest: Chilliness in the chest
  • Back: Pain and burning in back
  • Limbs: Sensation of torpor in the limbs – Trembling limbs
  • Skin: Skin diseases – Suppuration – Cold and clammy skin – Burning inflammations – Lancinating pains – Epithelioma of the skin
  • Sleep: Dreams full of care and fear
  • Fever: Worse after midnight

Arsenicum bromatum. Bromide of Arsenic

Wish adieu to

Weak memory – Sudden weakness.

  • Face: Violent papules on nose – Acne
  • Stomach: Nausea
  • Limbs: Locomotor ataxia

Arum triphyllum. Jack-in-the-Pulpit

aimed at

AIMED AT: Acridity – Inflammation of brain – Inflammation of mucous surfaces – Irritations of nose and throat

Wish adieu to

Much absent-minded – Irritable – Delirious.

  • Head: Headache – Upper eyelids quiver
  • Nose: Fluent discharge
  • Mouth: Bleeding tongue
  • Throat: Burning – Worse from talking
  • Mouth: Cracked corners of mouth – Bleeding tongue

sunupArundo mauritanica. Reed

aimed at

AIMED AT: Catarrh states – Coryza – Hay-fever

Wish adieu to

Laughs easily.

  • Eyes: Scrofulous ophthalmia (i.e., inflammation of the conjunctiva or the eyeball)
  • Ears: Itching or smarting in auditory canals
  • Nose: Beginning coryza
  • Stomach: Longing for acids
  • Back: Movement as from something alive
  • Stool: Burning at anus
  • Female: Desire with vaginal pruritus
  • Limbs: Edema of hands
  • Skin: Fissures in fingers and heels

Asa foetida. Giant Fennel, Gum of the Stinkasand

aimed at

AIMED AT: Extreme sensitiveness – Obesity affections – St. Vitus' dance

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Being overtly hysterical at being touched – Dissatisfied with oneself – Oversensitive – Unsteady.

  • Head: Rush of blood to head – Pressive pain from within outward
  • Eyes: Intraocular sensitiveness – Syphilitic iritis
  • Ears: Offensive discharge
  • Nose: Caries of nasal bone
  • Stomach: Pulsation in the pit of the stomach, perceptible to the hand and eye even – Bringing up wind is awfully difficult
  • Female: Mammae turgid (swollen, enlarged), with milk
  • Rectum: Extremely offensive diarrhea
  • Chest: Palpitation more like a tremour
  • Respiratory: Asthma
  • Stool and anus: Watery, profuse stool
  • Male: Needle-like stitches in penis
  • Upper limbs: Whitlow, pains

MODALITIES: Better from open air.

Asarum canadense. Wild Ginger

aimed at

Acts much similar to European Wild Ginger (Asarum Europum)

AIMED AT: After-effects of suppressed colds – Energy loss

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Much sensitive to noice and sound – Tensions – Nervous affections – Excessively irritable.

  • Ears: Discharges – Stopped sensation
  • Respiratory: Colds
  • Stomach: Gastro-enteritis after suppressed colds – Nausea – Desires and cravings
  • Female: Tenacious, yellow leucorrhoaea
  • Fever: Always feels cold

MODALITIES: Better from bathing.

sunupAsclepias syriaca. Milkweed, Silkweed

aimed at

AIMED AT: Influenza.

Acts on urinary organs - and the kidneys - Augments the urinary secretion – Intermittent uterine pains – Catarrh.

Wish adieu to

Feeling stupid.

  • Head: Constriction across forehead from temple to temple – Headache after suppressed perspiration – Headache followed by increased urine
  • Catarrh
  • Influenza
  • Female: Uterine pains
  • Stool and anus: Some griping pain
  • Sleep: Hard sleep during the night

Asimina triloba. American Papaw, Custard Apple

aimed at

AIMED AT: Drowsy people who commonly find talking is quite an effort

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Drowsy – Irritable.

  • Throat: Enlarged tonsils
  • Stomach: Sore
  • Back: Colic
  • Respiratory: Talking is an effort
  • Skin: Itching in evening on undressing
  • Fever: Much thirst during it

sunupAspidosperma, Schinopsis lorentzii. Quebracho

aimed at

AIMED AT: The lungs.

This "digitalis of the lungs" stimulates the respiratory centres, increasing oxidation.

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  • Respiratory: Asthma – Dyspnea – Pleurisy – Emphysema
  • Cardiac asthma: [Cardiac asthma mimics the wheezing, shortness of breath, and coughing of asthma, but is one of the signs of congestive heart failure]

sunupAurum metallicum. Gold chrystals

aimed at

AIMED AT those bent on self-destruction, in morbid conditions, pining, low-spirited, quite lifeless, and with serious loss of memory. They have feelings of self-condemnation. Utter worthlessness may alternate with profound despondency and with thorough disgust of life and thoughts of suicide. Yet there may be great fear of death.

They feel peevish and yet become vehement if gainsaid. Cannot do things fast enough. Anthropophobia. Mental derangements. Constant rapid questioning without trying to get good answers. Oversensitive in a dire confusion, and tumultous or frightful dreams.

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Aurum (gold) helps assertiveness, but it may not be proper assertiveness.

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Ennui – Low-spirited – Imagines he has lost the affection of dear friends – Disgust of life – Hopeless – Dejected – Loss of memory – Confusion – Finds pleasure in being alone.

  • Head: Pain – Caries of mastoid
  • Eyes: Various vision ailments
  • Ears: Fedid discharges
  • Nose: Horrible odour from nose
  • Mouth: Fetid smell – Ulceration of gums
  • Stomach: Epigastrum trouble
  • Back: Frequent emission of very fetid wind
  • Female: Great sensitiveness of vagina
  • Chest: Great weight on chest
  • Heart: Heart affections, including hypertrophy and heartburn – Pain in heart region
  • Other: Syphilis

MODALITIES: Open air is found to be a relief – Winter may worsen symptoms and complaints.

Avena sativa. Common Oat

aimed at

AIMED AT: Brain and nervous system, influencing their cleansing functions favourably (ie, brain cleansing).

Delicate female troubles, like amenorrhea.

Avena is also a good tonic for the aged.

Wish adieu to

Unable to focus on one thing for long – Some female troubles – Nervous exhaustion – Alcoholism – Debility.

  • Head: Occipital headache – Acute coryza
  • Female: Amenorrhea
  • Limbs: Limbs as if paralysed – Diminished strength of hand
  • Sleep: Sleeplessness

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