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Learning theorists like Jerome Bruner, George Kelly and L. Ron Hubbard Some of the theories of scholars and other thinkers may do good if well implemented. Theories followed up with success could eventually help us avoid some hardships and yield benefits too. "There is nothing as good as a good theory," said the psychologist Kurt Lewin (1890-–1947) about the value of theories as compared to good housing. However, "Each in its place is fit".

A likable thought may likewise have benefits in its wake if carefully regulated and implemented within safe limits under specified conditions, and then checked to see whether it fits, how and how far. Then, if safe to use, it may be further adjusted or "polished" along the way to make life gladdening and less of a hardship. Hopefully, sane and good knowledge increases the long-run odds for getting benefits and for thriving.

Learning theorists fronted by a Seagull
Man soars in theory.

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