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Animals, Gold Scales Mythical BeingsAnimals  Mythical Beings
Gold Scales art etcArts  Architecture
Buddhist works on the Gold ScalesBuddhism  Buddha's Ideas  Tibetan  Zen
Gold Scales Classics SetClassics
The Gold Scales Taoism SetConfucian and Taoist Texts
Gold Scales Transactional Analysis, Atma-bodhi, self-support, some self-helpDevelopment
Emerson on The Gold Scales Emerson  Quite Uncommon Sense
Gold Scales FolkloreFairy tales Fables  Folklore
Gold Scales Gold eggs livingGold Eggs for Fit Living
Gold Scales gruelGruel
Gold Scales humor, jokes, anecdotesHumour  Anecdotes  Jokes  Slapstick
Gold ScalesJungian Thinking
Gold Scales vijnana, learning, teaching, education, observational skills etcKnowledge  Learning  Teaching  Education  Learning Theorists
Gold Scales kriya yogaKriya Yoga and Yogananda
The Gold Scales literature and poeticsLiterature  Poems
Gold Scales essentialism and self-developmentMeditation  Self-building  Yoga
Gold Scales Nordic and related loreNordic and Related
Gold Scales ageingOld Age
The Gold Scales personagesPersonages
Some Philosophic MattersPhilosophic Matters
The Gold Scales Set of proverbsProverbs
The Gold Scales quotationsQuotations
The Gold Scales self-care Self-Care  Fit for Well-being  Correctives
The Gold Scales Self-development with Abraham MaslowSelf-Development  Abraham Maslow
The Gold Scales avec Rudolf SteinerSteiner  Anthroposophy
Gold Scales TeachingTranscendental Meditation  Guru Dev  Maharishi
Gold Scales Vedanta, HinduismVedanta  Notables
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In the long range, careful good acts will bring happiness and inappropriate acts sorrow, says Sri Brahmananda

Knowledge recorded in religious texts may be applied so as to rise, says Maharishi

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